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Why do Some Wigs Cost much more than others?

Wigs are mushrooming everywhere, facilitating hair loss patients and leveling up fashion statement looks. While conducting research for a wig purchase you might’ve noticed the price ranges from thousands of Dollars to anywhere near $30. If yes! you noticed right? Wigs do have different price tags and the reason is their exclusive features. Like all other products in the market, wigs are different in terms of material, quality, and manufacturing causing price variation. Simply put, When buying a wig “you get what you pay for” Luxury features can cost you a pretty penny. To make you understand “why some wigs cost much more than others”, we’re giving a general view of some price-affecting factors, they’ll surely help you get out of the confusion.

 Where you buy from

It counts a lot nowadays where you’re buying wigs from. Obviously, custom-made wigs are far more expensive than readily available pieces, they can cost thousands or hundreds of dollars depending on the material and the brand. Whereas, wigs from general supply stores are cheaper (starting from $30 and so). Then there are mid-ranged wigs, like the ones you purchase directly from wig companies (starting from $150 up to $ 400).

Don’t forget the brand game, the price varies from brand to brand, you may find one quality at $200 somewhere but a famous brand sells the same at $600.

Another thing; online wigs cost you less than store-purchased wigs. The reason is, that shops need to accommodate their service costs. We recommend doing some price research if you are on a budget, you’ll surely find a cost-effective wig.


The most important feature affecting wig price is the material. The wig hairs are either real: human & animal or a blend of synthetic fibers. Human hair wigs are pricier than the high-quality synthetic hair wigs as they come with a perk of a longer lifespan and styling versatility.

Human Hair wigs

A wig made from real hair cost you top dollars. Even in human hair, there are categories like the virgin, and Remy hair wigs are the most expensive. Depending on the source of hairs, and how they were treated, harvested, and put into a wig they can range from $300 to $4000 or more.

Synthetic hair wigs

Synthetic fibers are man-made so way cheaper than real hair wigs. Here again, the quality of plastic, PBC, or nylon fiber determines the price of the wig. Very shiny, nylon weaves used for Halloween or cosplay cost around $20 to $70. They are prone to tangling, have a shorter lifespan, and look extremely unnatural.

Synthetic wigs exist on the other side of the spectrum, there are very high-quality synthetic wigs that look and feel close to human hair. They can be styled with heating tools like real hair and can last for more than a year if taken good care of. The high-quality synthetic wig’s price ranges from $100 (or close to a hundred) to anywhere near $200

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Blend of human and synthetic hair

Referring to the name these wigs have a blend of both hair types. The human hair ratio decides the price of these wigs, more natural hair means more natural looks and a higher price. Expect them to cost around $60 to $150.


How they are manufactured

All wigs are not the same in terms of manufacturing. Synthetic hair wig or real hairs, a lot of work is put in here and affects the price. Wigs are hand-knotted, glued, or machine-sewn to the base, or a blend of both. Hand-made wigs have every strand knotted manually one by one so are the most expensive ones. Machine-made are the cheapest and the price of blended wigs falls between the two.

Cap style

The other manufacturing feature that deserves your attention is the cap style. Monofilament caps cost a lot due to their pricy material, finest weaving method, and extremely natural looks. Full lace wigs/360 lace come next on the price bar, they too are natural looking, free part, and hand-tied. Another type is lace front wigs, having sheer lace at the front parts allowing parting hair freely at any side, They are less pricier than the other two.

The rest of the cheaper wigs including Polyurethane (PU) open-weft wigs have a hard, thicker cloth-like baseline and are less natural looks.


Hair lengths and design, cut

The longer wig hairs come with higher price tags. it’s a general rule of thumb for all types of wigs. The obvious reason is more synthetic material or real hair lengths, manufacturers pass the additional cost to buyers.

If the wig design is specifically assembled for you, expect a higher price. Similarly, if you want an alteration in the existing haircut you’ll have to pay more for this service.

Color and styling features

You may know wigs have special features to make them comfortable and user-friendly. These additional features can cost more. For example, heat-friendly wigs that give you styling versatility, and color variation, (Ombre wigs, Balayage wigs, and highlighted wigs) come with higher pricing.

Then different customization techniques like plucking and knot-bleaching also cost a few more bucks. likewise, installation ease through adjustable straps and flex combs also affects the cost of a wig.


Take Away

Next time you notice a difference in wig prices, we’re sure you’ll promptly look at the features, analyze them and calculate whether the shown price is worth it or not. Whenever you plan to buy a synthetic hair wig, human hair wig, or a blend do some research, review the hair pieces and the company, decide what you want, daily wear or special occasion stuff, and then buy one that suits your budget and needs. Good luck with your next wig shopping!