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You Must Lack These Bright Colored Lace Front Wigs

Blue, pink, denim, green hair, a fashion trend that is popular on the web between stars and Instagram, but is it just fashion or a symbol of rebellion? Let’s see the best ideas to copy by buying colored lace front wigs!

One of the last to dye her hair pink was Cate Blanchett, recently photographed in London. But the new trends in colored wigs start long ago, and like all things when it comes to beauty and fashion, there is always a comeback.

In winter we saw the Rainbow trend, which is rainbow-colored hair. For some time, however, we have noticed gray hair: Gucci wanted it for its summer collection. Blue, white, or with different shades of green as we noticed in the London Street style, up to the latest news that has long been popular on Instagram, namely denim hair or if you prefer blue jeans.

And even if colored hair does not emerge from the latest winter fashion shows, apart from a few exceptions, there are some different colors in the spring summer collections! Therefore, we will now go to see which color we must choose to appear at the top in the most colorful seasons of the year, buying on one of the best wig websites!

Rainbow hair
Colored heads, indeed super colored. The rainbow hair trend was seen this fall on the catwalk, but also on social media, and which immediately puts you in a good mood.

It is not the first time they appear but they are back in great dusting: rainbow hair is among the – daring – trends of this year. Seen on the catwalk by Christian Siriano, but also sported by Lady Gaga in the 911 video and, last but not least, also by JLo (a Unicorn Barbie look as defined by her trusted hair stylist, Chris Appleton). Multicolored hair is a genderless trend.

A rainbow hair expresses great individuality and comes from the contamination of several shades. Symbol of uniqueness, it was seen on both short and long hair. It is a genderless trend and looks good on all lengths. The psychedelic effect is given by the saturated colors in contrast but combined with each other. The shades are drawn with the brush on the hair in a visual way, to get an overall idea.

It all started with the pop, bright, and very daring shades. In the last year, however, pastel ones and oxidation works are in great demand. However, in choosing the right combinations for perfect rainbow hair, eyes and complexions work, as well as the personality, as for the more traditional shades.

Blue jeans wigs
By now the beauty backstage of the fashion shows has to deal with Instagram. Make-up artists and hairstylists know this well, as well as the whole world of fashion. Denim hair is in fact an online trend: the last to post photos of her blue hair was Kelie Jenner, but the story has already started a few months ago.

Does this mean we have to depend on Instagram hair trends? Of course, our physical appearance is linked to the logic of the web, but is it necessary to dye our hair in denim blue? No, you can safely use one of the many wigs that have many shades of blue. So, get ready to deliver your message of rebellion and freedom.

Wigs are tools of excellent quality, which allow you to achieve extraordinary results and change the color of your hair as you wish every day, without having to resort to hair dyes or other similar accessories. Simple and quick to put on, they allow you to get everything you want in the shortest possible time.

Pink wigs
Pink hair is the new blonde. Rebellious, daring, and a little extravagant, it is the must-have of 2021. From Metallic Rose to Pink Lemonade, from Rose Blush to Rose Gold. There is something for everyone! And many celebrities have let themselves be seduced by this inviting, feminine, and decidedly rock color. Hailey Baldwin Bieber has also succumbed to the charm of pink hair: pink hair with a washed-out effect on a dark blonde base, perfect for giving a different touch to her medium haircut. A mix of colors that tolerates regrowth with darker roots, because pink is not applied directly on the base but on the lengths.

In general, pastel pink gives more to those with fair skin, while brighter pinks, such as shocking pink, enhance the medium and olive complexion. It is very wearable on all types of cuts. Full on short hair and more nuanced from the middle ear lobe down, for those with long hair.

Before you get tempted by pink style, think about it, to understand if your complexion lends itself well to pink. The color scheme has rules that must be respected, because it is a moment to go from trendy to trash.

Green wigs
Together with pink, blue and gray, green has also managed to make its way into the world of coloring. Green hair, in fact, is a real revolution: if before this shade was considered a mistake caused by a bad dye, this year it will be a real must among bright colors. Petrol green, aqua green and emerald green, there are different shades to choose from, depending on your style and what you most want to show.

But let’s see what types of skins the different shades of green we are talking about are aimed at!

Teal hair is a shade that looks good mainly on light complexions, but especially on those who have a light base.

Emerald green hair is one of the most difficult shades of green to wear as, being a bold color, it certainly does not go unnoticed! The splendid reflections of the precious emerald illuminate the hair and give an extra touch to those who decide to show them off. It goes well with dark bases.

Petrol green hair is particularly suitable for Mediterranean complexions. Perfect nuance for all those who have a black or very dark base.

Have you chosen the color of your next wig?