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How do I Color Wigs at Home

I have a tendency to experiment with my looks and improvise my stuff. With every changing season, it’s a must for me to change hair colors. For this wigs are my bestie to reinvent my looks every now and then. This season I came up with the idea to play around with my wig color myself. I started scrolling down synthetic wig reviews and methods to revitalize wig colors at home.

To my surprise, it was not only possible but simple to dye wigs at home. Luckily my daring dyeing efforts were super successful. And here I am to share my tips and tricks to dye your wigs at home. I believe following some simple guidelines it will be easier for all to dye synthetic weaves at home.

Preparations for dyeing the wigs

For all kinds of wigs, I compiled some common preparation steps before dyeing wigs at home. These steps are as follows

  • Wash and dry wigs before dying. After they get dry, comb well to detangle the knots completely.
  • Use a mannequin head, hook or stand for dyeing and drying the wigs.
  • Place the mannequin on a hard surface covered with newspaper or a plastic sheet to avoid any mess on the floor.
  • Put on gloves during the whole dyeing procedure
  • Take a dye test on a few strands before dyeing the whole piece

How to color Synthetic Wigs

When I decided to color my synthetic weaves, I was a bit intimidated. I researched a lot and had conversations with my wig experts. I read tons of synthetic wig reviews, tips, and tricks and then decided to jump in.

Know the material

Synthetic hairpieces are made from polyester, acrylic or polyvinyl. They cannot be dyed with natural hair dying color that is for sure. There are two ways to dye synthetic wigs

  • Dye with alcohol-based ink
  • Dye with fabric color

Dying with Alcohol-based Ink

A very effective and easy way to dye synthetic wigs at home is by spraying diluted Alcohol-based colors onto the hair. I personally found it safe and efficient in all aspects. I have used all, sharpie ink, acrylic color, and alcohol-based color, and trust me they are all excellent to color your favorite wig at home.

Prepare the dye

The preparation method is almost the same for all colors. The only difference is the ratio and mixing time.

  • Alcohol-based colors

In a dilution ratio of 1:1 mix the ink and water and shake well. 1:1 is perfect for opaque color as the ink. For lighter shades, I prefer more dilution.

  • Sharpie ink color

Remove the color tube, drop all the color in the spray bottle and leave the tube in it overnight, or just put it in the tube straight away in the spray bottle and add water. Leave it overnight to drain all the ink into water.

  • Acrylic color

In rubbing Alcohol dilute ¼ Acrylic colors. Shake the bottle well to mix the ingredients.

Dyeing the wig

Once the spray bottle is ready it’s time to apply

  • I prefer the spray dyeing process out in an open place to avoid any mess around. Wearing gloves is essential as color can seriously stain hands. I would recommend covering the place under the wig stand with a plastic sheet or newspapers to keep the place clean.
  • Wear gloves. Section the wig hair for complete coverage. Start spraying on one section and run the fingers through it to make sure hair strands are completely coated.
  • Apply the color on the top and undersides as well. Run fingers 2,3 times to spread it all over the strands.
  • Repeat this process to all sections.
  • Once spraying is done. Comb the hair from root to tip with a wide-tooth comb.

Dry the wig

Leave the wig to dry. Don’t use a hairdryer or any heating tool. It might take a few hours or less, depending on the size and thickness of the hair. Run through the fingers to feel the dryness

Rinsing off

Rinse it well under tap water and rinse until the water is clear.

Let it dry again. After it’s dry detangle the hair.

Dying with fabric color

Synthetic hair pigment is totally different from natural hair. Only fabric dyes made specifically for acrylic, polyester, or synthetic material can work on them.

Synthetic hair cannot be bleached. A bleaching agent can badly ruin the whole piece. That simply means you have to choose a darker color than the actual color of the wig.

The procedure

  • To start the procedure, wear an apron and gloves to avoid stains on clothes or hands.
  • Place a large pot, large enough to fit the wig you want to dye. Boil enough water that the wig can easily soak in it. When water boils up add three teaspoons of fabric color to every one cup of boiling water.
  • Let the color dissolve fully in the water and then reduce the stove heat. From boiling get it to a slow simmer.
  • Damp the wig in simple tap water it will help in coloring the wig easily.
  • Add the wig into colored water. Let it be there until you can see the required color on it. Keep checking it so that it might not get overheated.
  • The longer it is soaked in colored water the darker the color will be. Never leave the wig soaked in hot water instead keep an eye on it. It will take a few minutes to get the color properly.
  • Once the desired color is achieved, remove it from the pot and rinse well in plain water until the water becomes clear completely.
  • Keep it on a hook or stand to dry.
  • After drying comb it with a wide-tooth comb.

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Dyeing human hair wigs

As the synthetic wigs reviews help me out dyeing my synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs blogs by experts and YouTube videos enabled me to learn the art of dyeing real hair wigs. I researched and then get onto the work. Let’s share this experience too.

Hair dye

For human hair regular hair dye, we use for our natural hair is enough. As a safe rule staying on lighter hair dyed to darker is better.


  • Mix the color in a plastic or glass bowl as instructed on the product box.
  • Place the wig on a mannequin, wear gloves, and section the hair.
  • Start applying the colorant with a brush, half an inch away from roots up to the ends of hair. Brush well to spread the color evenly through all hair.
  • Leave it for 30 to 40 minutes (see the colorant package for time)
  • Rinse off the color as the time ends and the required color is visible.
  • Apply the conditioner and rinse again.
  • Let it dry and here you go with your modified wig set.

Take Away

Hopefully after scanning the whole post “how do I color wigs at home”, you have a clear understanding of how to dye a wig yourself. What I learned from my experience is dying wigs at home is quite a daring task if you are not a pro. But at the same time, it’s not that hard as it seems. You just have to consider some limitations and cautions. Following guidelines is the most important for the best results.