Synthetic wigs

Should You Cut a Long Synthetic Wig to Make a Short One?

Synthetic wigs are pre-styled, designed to wear right out of the box. Being low-maintenance, and wallet-friendly they have always been a great choice for wig lovers. Synthetic wigs can be cut to make a shorter one. They are cut down short for various reasons.

  • Few wig wearers prefer to not wear them straight out of the box, they prefer to give it few cuts to blend them well with natural hair
  • Some may buy a synthetic piece and realize that a few stylish shorter bangs or layers will suit their desired style.
  • Another wired reason is a style that went wrong while cutting and now needs a shorter look to balance the blunder. Whatever the reason is, be sure you can cut your synthetic wig your way.

Should it be done yourself?

After going through a lot of synthetic wig reviews, one common fact being realized is, when it comes to cutting a new hairstyle, either you should know the art or take the help of a professional. Synthetic wigs are not like human hair. Cutting them is a completely different sort of thing than cutting human air.

If you are not skilled or familiar with synthetic wig weaving and manufacturing you might ruin your piece by accidentally giving a wrong cut, the wafting may fall off or hair weaving may get disturbed. It’s highly recommended to take it to a professional hairdresser to cut it short.

How should it be cut?

You can cut any short hairstyle, bob, blunt bob, pixies, short layers, and short bangs, there is no limit. But keep in mind, synthetic wigs usually have a pre-cut style not flexible enough to manipulate like human hair. It should be cut in line with its present style. Take into consideration the present style, lengths, and curls while restyling the hairpiece you have

Since cutting it yourself without proper skill is risky. What should you do to get stylish?

Here we will share some tips, tricks, and ways to cut them smartly without destroying them.

When should they be cut yourself?

AS mentioned earlier pre-made synthetic wigs may not fit all. You may need slight alterations to make them fit well. If you are not very proficient at cutting hair. We recommend you to go for simpler alterations

  • A trim is possible if it gets a bit ratty at the ends. Trimming a few inches may not need a professional hairdresser.
  • Sometimes the fringes are way too long and disturb vision. You want to cut the fringes short or thin them out. You can go for it at home.
  • You bought a wig and it’s not even at the bottoms, you can dare to cut uneven parts.
  • Maybe you want to thin out the heavy sides, to make them look lighter. It will need some expertise, so be very careful.
  • Your wigs have long sideburns that don’t suit you.
  • You may cut them to frame your face well.


Use the right cutting tools and techniques

Before starting to recreate a style, the right tools for cutting are essential. Secondly, using the right technique will leave you happy with a well-achieved goal.

A very sharp scissor or shear

To have a clear perfect cut use good quality, very sharp scissors. the synthetic fiber can blunt down the scissors faster. Keep your scissors sharp as blunt edges can ruin artificial fiber.

Wig stand or wig head

  • Some may like to wear it on while cutting, but the better way is to put it on the wig stand or wig head. It will give you more hold and a better view. Resultantly you will get a more accurate haircut.
  • Make sure the wig stand is straight. Especially when you are trimming the lengths or trying to add layers
  • Use T-pins to place it firmly on the wig head.

Comb the hair

  • Give some time to prep hair for cutting. Comb the wig to completely detangle the hair. Brushing is important not just for detangling; it will make sure the sections of hair are falling in right place.

Section and part hair

  • Section and part your hair where you want them to fall finally, especially if you are cutting hand-weaved or monofilament top.
  • Use rattails comb to section the hair. Don’t use a rattail comb for combing wig hair.
  • Cut hair in small sections either trimming lengths or cutting any other style.
  • Keep on smoothing out hair with a wide-tooth wig brush/comb for precision and perfectly angled cutting.

Use clips for holding hair

  • Use hair clips to section, and secure hair in place, it will ease your cutting process and won’t let the hair get tangled.

Wear on the head for bangs

  • For face-framing, fringe trim, and bangs wear the wing on your head while cutting. It will help you cut them exactly where they should be to maximize your features.

Cut less

  • Wig hair will not grow again like your natural hair. While cutting cut less than you think. If one length doesn’t seem right you can cut more. It will take a little longer but help you avoid blunders.

Straighten the hair                                                                                  

  • If you have a heat-resistant synthetic hair wig. Straighten it before you cut. If it’s a wavy or curled piece made up of standard synthetic fibers, you’d need extra care. Instead of giving it a try, consult a professional.

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Take Away

Synthetic wigs look extremely real and natural. They are economical and versatile. The possibility to revamp their styling and haircut makes them a more interesting purchase. Cutting synthetic wigs at home is preferably not recommended but if you are naturally a daring person, give it a try. If they are cut the right way the difference would be amazing.