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How to Make a Synthetic Hair Wig Soft Again

Wigs have undoubtedly made a woman’s life three times simpler by adding a touch of glamour to her appearance.

Synthetic hair wigs offer several benefits that every woman may appreciate compared to real hair wigs. Wigs are the heart winner of women since they are less expensive and come in various styles. However, there is one issue: softening the synthetic hair wig?

In this article, you will learn how to soften your synthetic wigs and maintain them silky and smooth for a longer time.

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What Causes Synthetic Wigs To Become Dry

People who have used wigs for a long time are well aware that they may get dry after a while. As a result, one of the most common questions is “how can we make synthetic wig soft.” Formerly silky and smooth hair becomes rough and mushy to the touch, and they no longer seem as lovely. The wig loses its elegance and no longer maintains its form.

You will most likely address the issue by discarding a wig and purchasing a new one, but it will be a costly solution when considering how much money may be spent on wigs every year!

Nevertheless, there is a less expensive solution to the issue, which we shall discuss later. But first, let’s take a look at what causes a synthetic chevelure to get dry.

  • Excessive exposure to environmental variables such as heat, water, frost, and so on.
  • Washing regularly
  • Procedures for styling
  • Insufficient care

The main reason is that synthetic chevelure lacks the moisturizing elements that natural hair has on our scalps. Furthermore, the chemicals in synthetic locks vary, resulting in static cling and the loss of style and form.

Specifications for Synthetic Hair Care

Let’s face it, the consequences indicated above are not anything an artificial chevelure owner wants to experience! One unfavorable feature is the frizzy ends of synthetic hair wigs. Appropriate care and treatment are required to avert such issues.

  • To avoid tangling, comb the chevelure every day.
  • Only cold water is suitable for washing since hot water would harm the fibers.
  • When cleaning the wig, never rub it. It won’t necessarily make it neater; instead, it will result in a tangle of strands.
  • Conditioners should be used throughout the cleaning process. Hair will smooth out the chevelure and make it simpler to comb.
  • Avoid squeezing the chevelure while drying.
  • Excessive heat may damage your hair, so avoid using harsh style procedures.

How Can Synthetic Hair Be Kept From Frizzing?

What’s the deal with frizzing? Every artificial mane owner understands how aggravating it is when the hairs grow wavy.

  • It should be washed and dried naturally because frizzing occurs when dehydrated locks.
  • You don’t have time for just that, but you still want to know how to cure a curly synthetic hair wig. However, a condition spray and mousse are the best options. Next, pulverize the conditioner. Finally, use mousse to smooth down the frizzy wig ends.
  • Coconut oil is another alternative for defrizzing a wig. Draw down from 3″ below the top, rubbing a little between the hands.
  • To defrizz synthetic hair, pulverize the chevelure with a fabric conditioner and ice water mixture.

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If you neglect your health, it leads to difficulties in your body. Wigs, too, need attention! They desire your adoration for the attractiveness they gave you. So, just as you take better care of your loves, let’s take care of our wigs.

To soften your synthetic hair wigs, follow these steps:

1.   Bathe Your Wigs In Love

The first step in softening the wig is giving it a good wash with cold water and plenty of affection. Also, note that water temperature affects the wig’s harsh texture, so wash it with cool water.

  • To keep the wig texture smooth and silky, add one cup of fabric softener to it. The fabric softener also gives your wigs a lustrous sheen. However, read the softener’s components carefully before using it since strong chemicals might harm the wig’s texture.
  • To soften and wash the wig, use a moderate softener and detergent. Dust particles may cause tangled hair fibers by roughening the structure of the hair.
  • Coldwater, a light softener, and a gentle detergent should all be used in this love bath.

2.   Allow Them To Get Lost In Love For A Few Hours

The next step is to soak your hair wigs in a bathtub filled with love and ice water, as well as a softener and detergent.

  • Allow the wigs to soak in the water for several hours or overnight. This procedure will allow the chemistry of the hair wigs and the ice water to cool. During these times, the softener will be at its best, and you will observe incredible benefits.

3.   Remove The Love Droplets From The Water And Gently Dry Them

The final step is to dry the wig of those loving drops of water. Using a soft cloth and a blow dryer, complete this procedure.

  • To begin, gently massage the cloth through your hair. The towel will absorb your wigs’ wetness. The dusting of drier air of affection on your wigs will be the following phase.
  • Try not to brush your damp wig too hard since this might cause damage to the units.
  • Another thing to avoid is wiping your hair vigorously with a towel since this may harm the smooth texture of your hair.


With careful maintenance, synthetic wigs may endure for more than a year. However, we’ve noticed that the smooth texture and bouncy curls diminish after a while, which drives us mad. We think that many women have this problem after wearing synthetic hair wigs for a long period, whether they are synthetic wigs with bangs or ombre wigs blonde.

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Bottom Line

The natural smooth bounce will vanish after a while when it comes to having a wig. If your synthetic hair wig gets dry and hard to the touch, you should know it’s starting to happen. A wig lacks natural scalp oils that keep the hair nourished regularly. Indeed, the more love and maintenance you provide to your synthetic hair wigs, the longer they will endure.