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How to Select the Right Wig for Your Face Shape

Selecting a good wig can be a tough job, be it natural or synthetic hair wigs. However, once you have picked a hair wig that checks all the boxes, it will help immensely in amplifying your makeup look!

One factor you should consider when buying a wig is your face shape. Not every type of wig will suit your face; thus, it is important to get this part right to have a lookout want.

So, what are the different kinds of face shapes, and how do you pick the right one? Let us find out in the article below.


Types Of Human Face Shape

In humans, there are seven basic face shapes.

  1. Round: There is minimum or no angular structure. Round faces have larger cheeks that give an exact round shape to your face.
  2. Oval: It is usually longer, and the forehead is a bit wider than the chin area.
  3. Diamond: A very narrow forehead, followed by small chins. The cheekbones in this face shape are wide.
  4. Pear: Pear faces have a strong and visible jawline, but a narrow forehead creates a pear-ish shape.
  5. Oblong: Such face shapes have long features. The forehead and chin are pretty rounded.
  6. Heart: Wide foreheads and very prominent cheekbones are the two key features of heart-shaped faces. The chin also forms a visible point at the bottom end.
  7. Square: This face type has a wide chin and forehead.

The first step is finding out which face shape you have. You can only head on to the next steps once you are sure about the shape.

Finding The Right Wig For Your Face Shape!

You have to consider all your face features, such as angles, forehead size, cheeks, and chin, to know which style of wig would make you look the prettiest.

This section will guide you on which type of synthetic hair wig would look the best on each face shape. Also, we will provide your insight into some tips you can use while making your final pick to get the best outlook for your event.

1.   Round face

A round face tends to have a happy, youthful appearance. Even skinny women can have a round face instead of popular beliefs. Therefore, you should go for a wig that creates volume and layering around the face for this face shape. Doing so will contribute to adding angles and depth to your round face. Hairstyles that are flat on top may not go very well with a round face.

In addition, to avoid your face appearing wider, you should stay away from curls or volume that starts in the mid-face.

2.   Oval face

It is one of the most favorite face shapes out there, and people strive to achieve it with various hairstyles and makeup. An oval face can nail any style of hair wig. Whether you wish to go for curls, wavy, long, or short hair, you can rock them all with an oval face.

3.   Diamond face

A diamond face gives a very aesthetic appeal. Most styles of hair wigs look great in a diamond shape. If you ask for a particular wig style, we recommend going with a bob wig. It doesn’t matter whether you look like a short bob or a long bob; both will perfectly fit a diamond face.

4.   Pear shape

The pear shape is a unique face shape, and not all types of hair wigs would usually go well with this. Short hairstyles with extra layering and volume on the top of the hairline can balance the features of this face shape nicely. Side-swept bangs also help in adding depth to the hairstyle, thus making the sharp jawline more prominent.

To get the “feminine” angles, you can opt for short layering in the front of mid-length and short wig hairstyles.

5.   Oblong face

Since Oblong faces are naturally longer, it would be better to avoid wigs with sleek hairstyles because it will elongate the face even more. Styles with a deep volume and layers can look superb on face shapes. It will give the face a wider touch.

On the other hand, synthetic wigs with bangs can flatten the face shape’s look.

6.   Heart face

The heart face is a short and wide face shape. It would be intelligent to bring height and crown to this face shape. You can go with the normal bobs, long or short, any of your choice. Long hairstyles with long layers in the front would also sit well on a heart face.

However, you should stay away from shags and wigs with short layering near the face. It might damage your look, and you may not like the results.

7.   Square shape

Square faces are symmetrical with sharp angular structures, such as the forehead and the jawline. You should not go with flat hairstyles at the top because they can hide the features of your face. Instead, opt for layering around the face. Chin-length and longer layered wigs are a great choice to soften the sharp structure of your face.

Where To Buy The Best Hair Wigs?

Now comes the main part, where we will let you know about one of the best places where you can get high-quality synthetic hair wigs for any face shape.


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So, this was all about selecting the right wig for your face shape. We hope you got a good idea about it and can now make an informed decision.