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4 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Synthetic Hair Wigs

Do you have a synthetic wig you really really love but it has turned into a bird’s nest? Its a stiff, frizzy, crunchy, tangled mess or so?  Are you ready to throw it away?

Stop! Don’t throw them away darling! We are here to turn your wig from disastrous hell to glamorous. Just a few simple techniques are more than enough to revamp your busted old wigs. You won’t need to splurge on new wigs. Many sensible ladies flaunt their synthetic hair wigs for years just by taking good care of them, You are gonna one of those prudent ladies from now on.

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  1. Revamp wigs by washing

You might have noticed after several wears the wig’s hair starts looking quite stiff, heavy, and rough. This usually is because of the product build-up, dirt and debris from the environment, and makeup residuals stuck to it. You might be sniffing a bad odour due to sweating as well.

Nothing monstrous here, your lovely locks need a quick wash to fix all the dirty mess. Let’s know how you gonna do it.

  • Toss it on a wig head and gently detangle using a paddle or wig brush. Start combing from the ends working the way right on up.
  • Fill up a tub, or sink with lukewarm water as you want to submerge the wig into it. Followed by pouring in some synthetic wig shampoo. Many women use laundry or dishwashing liquid soap too, It’s okay but a wig shampoo is formulated specifically to cater to synthetic fibers so it works very well on wig hair. (preferably use wig shampoo)
  • Give this mixture a good squirrel.
  • Immerse the wig in water, don’t rub strands instead pull your hands over it In a downward motion. it(not pull through hair)
  • Look for any grease or makeup residual and gently push it out of the hair.
  • You can leave it immersed for 10 minutes.
  • Now it’s time to rinse the shampoo off with tape water.
  • Rinse it until all the shampoo residue is clear.
  • Condition it with a wig conditioner like your natural hair.
  • Don’t wring at this moment, take wig hair between thumb and fingers and squeeze excess water, start from the top and work your way down to the end
  • Place it on a towel and pat dry.
  • Leave it on the wig head to air dry
  1. The magic step steaming for heat-friendly synthetic wigs

Air drying a wig is always recommended but in revamping cases a magic step that can revitalize the lost glory of your stunning hair is STEAMING. Steaming can give a new life to dry, frizzy, worn-out synthetic hair (They must be heat-friendly). It provides softness, bounces to curls, and restyling option. It simply straightens out the unwanted kinks and curls. Since heat-friendly synthetic wigs have styling memory they will retain their shape for a long.

If you love your synthetic wigs do invest in a steamer. And if you don’t want to spend any more, a facial steamer or a fabric steamer can do the job for your synthetic wig.

How do you do it?

It’s pretty easy to steam a heat friendly

Straight hair

  • Pin your wig on a mannequin head to work on it.
  • Switch on the steamer and wait for the steam to heat up.
  • Detangle the wig hair.
  • Take the comb in one hand, and keep the steamer below the comb while combing through the hair. Combing will let the heat go through the hair equally.

For curls

  • Pin your wig on a mannequin head, and apply as many Flexi-rods as you like.
  • Hold the steamer directly on the rod, for 15-20 seconds, depending on the thickness of hair you choose.
  • Wait for the hair to completely dry and cool then take them off
  • Spritz holding spray and your wig is fresh and revived.


  • Don’t use a steamer when the wig is on your head, it can seriously burn your scalp.

You don’t have a steamer? We have got the solution

Don’t worry if you don’t have a steamer. When the wig hairs are a little damp a hot iron can do the work. Synthetic fibers are like fabric so you can flat iron them with water to get rid of fizziness and wrinkles. The process is very simple

  • Spray plain water on your heat-friendly synthetic wig
  • Flat iron it at the temperature recommended by the manufacturer of your wig.
  • The same steaming effect will happen this way.
  1. Condition your wig to get rid of frizz

Synthetic hair wigs require a softening treatment as you did for your clothes. They need extra moisture and conditioning than your hair. Use a good synthetic wig hair conditioner to soften the hair strands. You can also use a leave-in spray conditioner to tackle tangles, and frayed, frizzy hair.

The conditioning process revives its looks and brings back the mobility and luster of the wig. Make it soft and bouncy again.

How to do it

  • Fill a tub or sink with plain water, pour in some wig condition, and mix it well
  • After washing your synthetic mane, soak it into the mixture
  • After 5 minutes rinse it with cool plain water
  • When it’s dry, it will be back in the momentum
  1. Cut or trim to repair your synthetic wigs

Due to friction and constant rubbing against your clothes or nap, wigs tend to get busted, matted, and frizzy at the ends. Especially long lengths look awful. You’ve got three practical solutions to revive your devastated hairpiece.

Trim it

It’s a bit risky to use scissors on your favorite hairpiece but go for it when it is the last way to fix frayed, frizzy ends.

  • Place it on the wig head, pin it, detangle and spray a conditioner
  • Trim down the nasty ends. Don’t cut too much length at a time as they are not going to grow back like natural hair. Stay careful.

Transform it with a new haircut

It’s a great way to reform your old synthetic hair wig. If your wig’s present hairstyle allows give it a new refreshing haircut. Long wigs can be easily restyled into shorter ones, get some fringes, or layers. A new haircut will completely transform your older wig into new.



Take it to the hairdresser if you are not confident to do it yourself.

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Take Away                                   

Every other girl is dying to get Beyoncé’s wig stash! And why would they not, wigs are spectacular, gorgeous, and worth buying. Due to the high price of human hair wigs, synthetic wigs are considered a budget-friendly alternative. The revamping techniques and heat-resistant high-quality fibers have made them more cost-effective. Use our simple and workable techniques to revamp your wig before shelving it.