Lace front wigs

Choosing Your Dream Lace Front Wigs

The world of fashion is ever-changing. With this transition in trends come new and exciting ways to add a personal touch to your everyday look with lace front wigs.


What are lace front wigs?

Lace Front Wigs are a wig that looks like your natural hair but with a lace front. The lace front has open spaces in between each strand of hair follicles. You separate your hair strands from the top (with the help of water and conditioner) and then tape them away from your head with clear medical tape.

What is a lace front wig made of?

Lace Front Wigs are made of a blend of synthetic and human hair. The blend is then bound to the lace front using an adhesive to be secured tightly to the lace. The lace is lightweight and stiff (about 400 yards per strand) with fibers that resemble human hair.

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Tips for choosing your perfect lace front wigs?

  • Choose a lace front wig that is properly colored to match your hair color and shade.
  • Make sure the wig is made of real human hair fibers, not synthetic (which tends to look shiny).
  • Measure the size of your head with a measuring tape before ordering a lace front wig so that you know what fits correctly.
  • Be confident when wearing your new lace front wig because it is natural-looking and does not lose shape.
  • Choose a wig type that matches your hair. A good place to start is picking out the hairstyle you desire, like long, short or wavy.
  • Be creative with different styles and add to your natural look by changing your hair color!
  • Ensure that the wig is made of real human hair fibers, not synthetic.

Pros & Cons of Lace Front Wigs


  • The lace front wig can easily be washed and cared for (use conditioner to get rid of tangles).
  • The lace front wig is a good way to add volume to your hair and make it thicker.
  • Lace front wigs are a great way to hide thinning or baldness head of hair, allowing you to cover up the problem.
  • Lace front wigs are fun, so your wig can become an accessory to your outfit.
  • Lace Front Wigs are inexpensive and have affordable quality lace front wigs.


  • The lace front wig can be difficult to wear due to its bulky feel, so make sure you are comfortable with the size and shape of the wig before purchasing.
  • Lace front wigs are an easy way to hide haircut holes or thinning hair, so make sure you find one made of real human hair fibers, not synthetic.

Types of Lace Front Wigs

Believe it or not, there are various types of lace front wigs for sale. Most of them look very similar, so it can be easy to mistake one type for another. However, the differences can be significant, so it’s important to know what you’re looking at as you shop.

  • Round Lace Front Wigs: This lace front wig has a typical round lace front with all of the open spaces in neatly spaced rows so that the hair resembles a natural hair follicle pattern. In this lace front wig, the lace is made of a fine mesh to blend in with the hairs.
  • Glueless Lace Front Wigs: These wigs feature a glueless application, meaning that you can apply the lace without any adhesive or tape
  • Mono Lace Front Wigs: This is a lace front wig that features only one color in a specific area. For example, you might see a lace front wig with one color in the front but two other colors in the back.

The Best Way to Wash a Lace Front Wig

The best way to wash a lace front wig is to use mild shampoo and conditioner that does not contain any harmful chemicals or alcohol. You can also use baby shampoo and conditioner, a very gentle formula that will not damage your wig.

  • Use a small amount of non-scented baby shampoo on a bath towel to first wipe off any dirt or oil from your hair.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb or hair pick to comb through your wig hairs from root to tip gently.
  • Then apply a good amount of baby shampoo to your hair, but do not rinse off the shampoo yet.
  • Next, use your fingers to massage the conditioner into the wig’s scalp. Do not rinse yet.
  • Apply a hair conditioner made for synthetic wigs and spray it onto your wig strands to make them soft and silky smooth.
  • Finally, rinse out the shampoo and conditioner and let your wig dry naturally.

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 How to Style a Lace Front Wig

  • Begin by combing the hair down and parting it in the back a few inches away from your face.
  • Apply baby shampoo to the strands at the scalp and work through them, making sure they are all coated in shampoo.
  • To make your wig look even more natural, apply highlights and lowlights at the top of your head and near the roots.
  • Gather all of your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a rubber band.
  • Wet the rest of the hairs so that they can be easily separated from one another. Separate each hair strand individually by pulling them apart, starting at the bottom of the wig.
  • Once all of your hairs are separated, apply conditioner to the scalp and spread it through the entire wig.
  • Use a small amount of hair spray to hold each strand in place.
  • Allow the wig to air dry naturally, and then remove your rubber band and shake out your hair.

How long can my lace front wigs last?

The lace front wig is a very sturdy, long-lasting piece of hair. If you treat it well, it can last for years, so think about how you’ll care for it.

  • When washing the lace front wig, make sure you thoroughly clean it and avoid using any harsh chemicals or alcohol-based products.
  • You can use a blow dryer on the lowest setting to speed up the drying process but do not ever use any curling irons or hair straighteners on your lace front wig.
  • The comb is your enemy, so don’t brush it aggressively or even too gently. Over brushing can flatten the hairs and cause them to break off; under brushing will create static electricity and make them stick together.


Lace front wigs are a great way to experiment with different hair lengths, colors, and textures. Whatever you have in mind, there is probably a lace front wig that will meet your needs.