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How to Fluff Up Your Synthetic Hair Wig

Every day we see photos of clean-cut stylish celebs splashing everywhere with perfectly tamed hairs. We admire their textured, bouncy, volumized hairstyles and think, “How do they get such seductive, stylish looks”? Most of the time volume is the secret behind their perfect hair game. In our routine hair styling life, fluff and volume are something we often overlook. Here, we are not just referring to natural locks same is the case with hair wigs. Luckily, there are guaranteed ways to fluff up your hair in a few minutes with fewer products.

Especially, if your synthetic hair wigs have Limp locks, dead curls, or flat bangs glued to the forehead you can easily fluff it up just like your natural mane. We are sharing some simple and harmless ways to increase the body and height of your wig hairs.


Teasing or Backcombing

It’s one of the easiest ways to volumize natural and wig hair alike, yet the most effective for all types of wigs. You can fluff up the whole wig or just a certain part as suitable for your styling needs. Any hair texture, length, and existing hairstyle can be transformed into a picture-perfect look just by teasing them rightly. Let’s look at how to add volume to the wig with back combing;

1- Separate a top sectioned layer of hair that will lay flat on backcombed hair in the end to hide the mess.

2- Again, separate 2-3 inches thick strands of hair where you want to add fluff. Clip up the rest of the hair so that you can work freely. The smaller the strands are fluffier the wig will look.

3 Lift the sections above so that the roots are visible.

4 Pull hairs from the end of the wig towards the roots, your movement should be very fast and sharp. Ideally, pull back the hair from 2-3 inches away from the roots, a longer difference will end up in a mess rather than fluffiness. To get greater results, use a denser comb for teasing. Your primary focus should be on creating volume on the underneath part of every section to keep the outer part neat and sleek.

5-Continue with taking sections and backcombing until you achieve desired fuzziness and thickness. You can continue the process on the rest of the head or any desired area such as the crown, parting, temples, or back of the head.

6-After completing the teasing part, spritz hair spray, which is specifically designed for synthetic hairs to hold the fuzziness. Use it just 2-3 inches close to the roots where you gathered the teased hairs.

7-To give a finishing touch, either run your fingers through the hair or comb softly with a wide-tooth comb to tame unruly hairs. The final step is laying over the top sectioned for a neat outlook.


Manipulating wig hairstyling help boosts your wig hair volume. Create luxurious curls, and waves to give an illusion of thick, puffy hairs with a curling rod, tongs, hot roller, or steam rollers. The amount of fluffiness depends on the tightness of curls and waves, and how messy you left the hair in the end.

The use of thermal appliances is suitable for human hair wigs and heat-friendly wigs as they can withstand heat without being damaged. Before applying heat make sure your synthetic wig is heat friendly. In case you have a regular cosplay synthetic, use braiding, or rollers to increase their volume.

For high-end heat-friendly wigs, and lace front wigs choose APPEARANZ as your wig brand. APPERANZ wigs can withstand heat up to 320°F/160 °C or get layered, wavy, curly synthetic wigs to give your appearance a stunning boost with high-volume hairs.

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Give it a nice flattering haircut

Long sleek straight hair falls flat on the face. If you already have a straight-haired wig, switch its hairstyle to fluff it up.  We recommend consulting a wig hairstylist instead of experimenting yourself, it’ll save you from any haircutting disaster. Your stylist will surely enhance its volume by giving it some layers and textured cuts. A strategic haircut will give a noticeable volume without resorting to fluffing techniques.

Short length wigs

If your wig is shoulder length, consider a cut that adds layers and feathers. Light layering keeps hairs from falling flat and provides movement and body. Similarly, heavy backcombed face bangs can raise the volume game. With shorter, chin-gazing lengths and feathery hair ends you have fair chances to rock fuller looking mane. Do try these tricks!

Long Straight wigs

Long straight wigs are not advised to tease, again and again, better style them differently, or give them a flattering voluminous haircut. To bring long limp strands to life give them a layered cut and blunt ends. Consider cutting side-swept bangs, blunt bangs, or fringe to raise fullness around the face.

Apply hair-spray

Hair spray is arguably the most common product to fluff up synthetic hair wigs. To create greater volume, section hair from temple to temple and spritz the hair spray well. Continue sectioning and spritzing throughout the wig hair from front to back. Now, with soft hands comb hairs the way you want.

Hair spray guarantees an all-day hold to any tousled, fluffy, or backcombed hairstyle. Another benefit is, hair spray prevents stray and frizziness whatever the weather condition is. When styling your synthetic wig, use a hair spray specially designed for synthetic strands to ensure your wig’s long, intact life.

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo not only helps decrease the synthetic hair shine, but it also helps increase the volume in your desired area. To apply the product take a section of hair, and spray dry shampoo towards the roots only. Repeat the process wherever you need a fluff. However, don’t spritz it much as it can make your hair look messy and dirty instead of fluffy.

Part your wig hair differently

Having a lace front wig is a blessing, it allows you to part hair anywhere you wish. A trick to lift front hair is parting wig hair differently. Synthetic hair wigs hold their shape, and parting them at different angle help create a little volume at the roots.

With parting, you’ve got a lot of choices, zig-zag, side part, low-side part, or even completely diminishing the part and combing hair backward. Another trick is to part the hair right opposite the natural part, it’s the quickest way to get poof without a long-term commitment.

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Take Away

Adding fluff to a synthetic hair wig is not a hard nut to crack. Use one of these techniques or combine two to get gorgeous-looking wig hair. However, practice is your key to creating bouncy, flattering hair, we are waiting to know what worked for you best.