Lace front wigs

Wearing Tips for Lace Front Wigs

Wearing wigs is becoming more and more popular as newer trends are established in wig constructions. Lace front wigs are a fantastic way to charge up your style with extremely realistic hair looks. They have a sheer lace front that allows you to style hair at any side with natural-looking parts. Synthetic lace fronts have styling and color options which gives them extra versatility over regular cap wigs.

Frontal lace wigs are delicate and not as simple to wear as regular wigs. They are usually glued to the skin and can stay put for several days even weeks. For lasting healthy hair and a great-looking wig, it’s essential to put it on in the right way. Doing it in the wrong way is detrimental for natural hair and the wig as well. Follow these simple and easy tips to wear a lace front wig without damaging your hair and wig.


Always inspect your wig before wearing

When you receive a wig package inspect your wig well. Lookout, is it in good condition? The wig should not have any chemical odor, if there is any, wash it with a wig shampoo, condition it, and let it air dry.

Check the size

Although you have ordered a wig following your head size, it’s essential to give it try before wearing it. Put it on and adjust it according to your head size.

  • The wig should not be too loose as a loose wig will slide around your head making you uncomfortable all day.
  • A tight wig can not only cause headaches but can damage your natural hair badly.

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Choose the lace color wisely

Picking up the wrong lace color is a common mistake. In wigs, laces are of different colors and tones to give every individual a close-to-reality look. Part your hair and see what color is your scalp. Then choose the matching lace color from the wig range you want to buy.

They may have four basic colors

  • Light brown
  • Mid-brown
  • Dark brown
  • Transparent lace

Light Brown

is good for skin tones that fall between fair and wheatish complexions.


It matches wheatish brown, olive skin tones

Dark brown

This is recommended for darker skin tone

Transparent Lace

It is undetectable and blends well with every skin tone. So the safest way is to buy a transparent lace wig if you find it hard to match your scalp color.

Use the right glue

Frontal lace wigs are mostly glued to the skin, rarely do people use wig bands or other alternatives to wear them. Using the right glue is key to secure lace front wigs. some tips to choose the right glue are

  • Always use glue specifically formulated for lace wigs. And never go for lash glues or art and craft glues. Wig glue formulas are stronger they can hold the weight of the wig perfectly.
  • Choose a glue depending on the hair type as there are different glues for human hair and synthetic hair
  • If you want to wear a lace wig for a day or two, prefer double-sided tape instead of glue.
  • For swimming plans and aquatic sports, you should opt for a waterproof adhesive.
  • Use a wig glue brush or small makeup brush to apply glue to the skin
  • Always have a patch test before the first application to ensure you don’t have any allergic reactions. For the test, apply a small drop on the back of your hand and leave it for 15 hours, if there is no redness or itching sensation it’s safe for you. In case of reaction use some other formula.
  • Generally, a very small amount is enough to hold the wig and need to apply in a very thin line across the hairline,
  • Keep your natural hair safe during glue application, if the glue is stuck to natural hair or wig hair it will damage them completely.
  • It’s better to consult an expert stylist, they have the required expertise to choose the glue for every skin and wig type. If you are not lucky enough to consult an expert read the reviews of glue users for a guideline.
  • Make sure your skin is oil-free before applying glue.

Trim the lace with sharp scissors

Trimming the extra lace is essential but trimming it the right way is more important. A little slip can ruin the front hair construction and is irreparable. So follow these tips to trim the lace.

  • Make sure the razor or scissor you use is very sharp. A blunt tool can cause wear and tear to the lace.
  • Before trimming, either place it on your head or a wig head for better positioning. The fitting should be perfect, neither loose nor tight
  • Cut the ear lobs first and then mark a dotted line following the natural hairline. It will be a guideline for cutting and will save you from accidental or wrong cuts.
  • Cut the lace ¼ inch away from the wig hairline. It will prevent the hairline if the wig fray.
  • Make sure the lace is cut evenly especially from the front forehead, as a jagged lace will look very unnatural.

tonya-pastel-pink-shoulder-length-synthetic-lace-front-wig (1)

Place it on your head carefully

Before placing the wig on your head, it’s important to secure natural hair. You should have a plain surface underneath the wig for a neat and proper fit. some wearing tips are

  • If you have complete hair loss the wig will sit well on your head. Don’t wear a wig cap as it can make your wig slip.
  • Secure your natural hair, tuck them away from the hairline. Make braids, low buns, or cornrows. Wear a wig cap for a neat look.
  • Spritz hair spray or use hair gel to make sure your hair stays firmly placed.
  • Start wearing a wig from the back of your head.
  • Pull it forward and line it with the natural hairline. Don’t pull or tug lace instead do it with soft hands. A hard pull can damage frontal lace and the hairline.
  • Strat pressing it into the glue along the hairline.
  • For a better hold and grip wrap around a silk scarf for 10 to 15 minutes. It will help strengthen the glue bond.
  • Once the glue is set, remove the scarf and style your wig as you like.

Don’t wear it for more than 6 weeks

Lace front wigs can be worn for more or less than 6 weeks. Its recommended to remove them often and wash your natural hair and the wigs. Especially in a hot or humid climate wearing it for too long can raise hygienic complications.


Take Away

To enjoy the lace front wig’s luxury at the fullest, installing it properly is utterly important. frontal lace wigs offer endless styling options if they are positioned well on the head. Choosing the right size,  appropriate glue formula, trimming, and placing it rightly are primary steps to ensure a perfect fit wig. Last but not least give full attention to hygiene. Following these steps and you will never regret wearing a lace front wig.