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Why Wigs Slip Away or Fall Off

When you first enter the amazing world of wigs, you may wonder will it fall off or slip away. For this groundless reason, newbies often keep on a fence about buying a wig or not. We believe this is not the case just with newbies, many regular wearers find it hard to keep them in the right position all day long. Wigs do fall off or slip away but not the way we saw in movies or comedy scenes. There are certain reasons behind such awkward moments. No wonder, envisioning a wig slip in public is quite frightening, however, this fear is just a misconception based on unawareness about modern wigs. There are several ways you can avoid it after knowing the actual reason.

Why wigs can slip away or fall off

As wig experts, we provide you with factual reasons why wigs can come off or slip away. It can only happen when the wig is of poor quality, it’s not the right-sized, worn incorrectly, and of course due to mishandling.  Advanced wig manufacturing technology has well-designed, flexible hair wigs that fit snugly (not uncomfortably), with astounding adjustability options. The addition of several security aids makes sure the wig stays in its place all day long during standard and intensive activities.

Quality of wigs

When we question why wigs come off or slip away, not just tools of attachments or adhesive matters. The quality of the wigs also matters.

A cheap wig means a feeling of heaviness and uneasiness. They are not wefted finely, hair strands are not distributed evenly throughout the wig which means less flexibility. Furthermore, the adjusting straps or elasticity of Low-quality wigs usually loosen after a few wears making it difficult to stay on the head.


Investing in high-quality wigs ensures the most sturdy, long-lasting hold and fit. The high-quality products are hand-crafted with precision and perfection that ensures a better grip and coziness.  One advantage that makes them a wise investment, is every part of them including elastic straps, hair strands, wefts, or sheer lace is made of the best materials thus keeping its shape and functions steady for a longer time consequently there are fewer chances of a slip or coming off after several washes and wears.

Incorrect size/mismeasurement

Bad quality cheap wigs are one of the main wig slip causes, the second most common reason is “the incorrect size” or the ill-fitting.  Both too tight or too loose wigs can end up having a bad wig day.

Before a wig purchase, if you haven’t measured your head correctly, it’s evident you’ll get in trouble. A wig that is too tight can pop up easily. It’ll not stay long on your head and can cause a headache. Similarly, if it’s too loose it’ll surely slide off right away. A wig should always be easy to wear anything beyond this can cause trouble afterward.


Wrong application

Even if you’re a beginner wig wearer you can realize how the wrong wig-wearing technique can increase the chances of wig slips.

For example, bobby pins, or wig clips can’t guarantee a stronghold if you have no or too little hair, in such a case using a liner or band is the better option.  Secondly, using an adhesive in small amounts (less than needed) or on a greasy surface can also end up losing grip in no time.  To make them more secure, modern wigs have adjustable straps, and ear tabs to adjust the wig correctly on the head, if you’re not familiar with the adjusting techniques expect a fall or slip just because of ignorance.

The right wearing technique ensures the wig will stay put and firm on the head even though the most extreme climates and activity scenarios. Luckily youtube and wig brands have video tutorials to upskill your wig-wearing art.