Synthetic wigs

7 Reasons to Choose a Synthetic Wig

There are several styles, brands, and types of wigs, that sometimes, making a choice can be exciting and overwhelming.

There is the human hair wig and the synthetic wig. To choose between them, you need to understand the difference between them.

Synthetic wigs are made from fiber (synthetic fibers) and have been around for a long. It is slightly heavier and denser than a human hair. Nevertheless, it is still a great option for the wig to have.

On the opposite side, the human hair wig is natural or looks and feels that way. It is soft and has luster. Although it has other pleasing features, synthetic wigs still have an edge over them.

Below are reasons why you should choose a synthetic wig over a human hair wig.

Price Tag

Since human hair wigs are made from real hair, they do not come cheap. This is foremost among the reason for choosing a synthetic wig over it. The cost of the synthetic ones on the other hand depends on the quality of the fiber. They are less expensive. However, the heat-friendly ones seem to be slightly higher in cost but not up to the cost of the human hair.

There are other reasons for choosing synthetic hair other than the cost.


Human hair wigs need high and constant maintenance (regular washing and styling), as you do to your natural hair, unlike the synthetic wig. It needs little maintenance. You only wash it after 4-6 wears depending on how often you wear it.

Little or no Frizz

Remember last Spring when you had your human hair wig blown into odd angles with frizz forming? Remember how you wish you had not worn it? or how you wish you had a brush with you? Well, you don’t need to worry about all of that with synthetic hair. They are less susceptible to frizz (tiny curls and tangles that form after spending time outside in the wind) probably due to their texture, unlike human hair.

Improved quality

Those days are gone when synthetic wigs look unnatural (doll-like). These days, they are made from the premium fiber of high quality that they are sometimes confused with real hair.

They have finer denier (thickness) and a more natural shine. You don’t have to worry about it looking artificial.

More resilient

It does not easily get affected by weather conditions. Unlike the human hair wig whose color fades gradually when exposed to too much sunlight or how it frizzes when it gets wet. Synthetic hair retains its style and texture even when you get caught in the rain. Just leave it to air dry and you are good to go.


It comes already pre-styled, or in rare cases, with a monofilament top.

The pre-styled ones need no styling. Just brush out the wig with a wide-toothed comb and you’re done.

The monofilament needs little styling with a brush and shaping cream. Click here to read on how to style a synthetic wig.


They are machine-made, they always come in different colors, even in unnatural shades not common with human hair. This is why you should specify the color when surfing for them online. There is a gazillion of them.

The human hair comes in natural shades like black, brown, and occasionally, ginger color or blonde. But the synthetic has more color options and blends.

Appearanz has a wide range of colorful wigs some with a hard front some with a soft front. There are the ombre wigs and the colored wigs

Ombre Wigs

The ombre wig is a good contrast-colored wig. It is well blended to give a beautiful finish.  There are samples of Appearanz ombre wigs.

Pink blossom


The pink blossom is a pink and blonde ombre magical curl. Although it has a hard front, it is machine-made and beautifully pieced.



Juvia is a wavy blue ombre. Ombre? Yes, ombre. Unless you have an eye for details, you’d think the blue is a monochrome, which is pretty artistic. Good one there Appearanz!  Alternatively, you can go for Oceana blue

Colored wigs



Oceana is an electric blue beauty, best for wild parties in summer and to complement costumes, like the mermaid or goddess costumes. You can get creative with it with a leather jacket.



Cruella is a half black half silver-colored wig. It is so beautifully made with colored halves.

Bottom Line

When it comes to synthetic wigs whether ombre wigs or colorful ones, Appearanz online store is your best bet. Visit the website to make a purchase today!