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Halloween Hairstyles for Women

History of Halloween

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the 31st  of October. It originated from a festival called Samhain (pronounced sow-in) celebrated by the Celtics. The day was associated with the end of summer and the beginning of winter around the time of which people died. Halloween comes from the All Hallow Eve’s day (hallow evenings) at which people dressed up in saint’s costumes and went door-to-door, making it the origin of Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating.

Halloween hair

Picking the right hairstyle for that awesome Halloween party, or going trick-or-treating with either your friends or children can be a headache, especially when you have a hard time even getting your regular hair to agree with you. Quick secret, experimenting on your hair for this particular day is not always a bad thing. Do you have dreadlocks and want to go pixie for your Halloween without chopping them off, or cut hair but wish to be Deanrys for Halloween? WEAR A WIG!! I know it can be difficult to pick the right hair to go with your Halloween outfit and it can be a lot at times…but do not worry, I am here to make that easier on you. Now let us look into how we can make it easier for you to pick the right hair and have you rocking that hairdo and looking all kinds of Halloween gorgeous now shall we?

What can I do with my hair for Halloween?

A lot of us probably do ask this question a lot. That is because we are unsure and uncertain on what to do with our hair or we do not know what hairdo will sit well with our outfit. There are different hairstyles one can do to get that amazing but scary look for Halloween, here is a few ideas that made it easy.

Temporary hair dye

The color and style of your hair can turn that basic Halloween costume into something glamorous for the night. In as much as you are trying to make your outfit look amazing, you are also trying to make sure that you get your hair back to its original color in readiness for work or a business meeting the following day. To color your hair, you must be aware of the texture of your hair and for how long you are willing to keep the dye on. Results are different for each individual; lighter and dry hair is more pigmented and long-lasting.

Each one of us has different types of hair and there is a particular dye for each and every one of us. Here are a few listed dyes suitable for specific hair;

Tinted spray: this is the easiest dye to use and it is safe, so do not worry, your hair is safe. It can be applied to dry hair, for more pigmentation, more is applied. Before styling the hair, allow it to dry.

Hair wax: this one is best used on hair that is very textured, curly, or on dreadlocks. The wax serves as a perfumed ointment that colors the hair without stripping it of its shine. You can use the wax in the same sense you use gel to add color and definition to the dry hair. It can be washed off the next morning.

Temporary tint and hair chalk: the tint is applied to wet or dump hair. For a softer look apply on wet hair and for a deeper color, apply on dump hair. The chalk is used if you only want to color individual hair strands of dry hair. It is designed to not stain then hands when using but color the portion of hair selected as you glide it through your hair. They have no permanent effect on your hair.

Neon shades: this one is for those of us who choose to go as Hades for our Halloween party. The two-in-one styling gel and color dye, allow you to apply it if you want a stronger result compared to the spray. The neon shades can go well with any costume and as a win-win, glows in black light. It can be washed off in one wash.

Bald caps

Your Halloween costume may require you to wear a bald look. That is not a problem and no, you do not need to shave all your hair off or change your costume. It is okay too if you are a natural bald head al you have to do is make your outfit look as attractive. I will give you a few steps on how to make yourself a bald cap from home for your Halloween party and you can reuse it whenever you want to or if you are in a rush, you can always purchase one.

  1. Wet your hair so it is easily laid back. And make sure your skin is oil free.
  2. Apply a strong gel and lay your hair straight down without any bumps. Comb through and make sure it is fully laid back.
  3. Tie it into a low pony tail that is not visible.
  4. Get a bald cap similar to those used in movies, and on a warm setting using a hair dryer, blow into the cap just to loosen it up a little.
  5. Wear it and make sure it fits perfectly on your head and cut out the excess, just like when wearing a lace wig.
  6. Apply prosthetic adhesive, of your choice, on your skin and on the bald cap and blow dry it, not completely, or you will do the process again, till the adhesive is clear and it is not tacky and is ready to press down. Make sure it is straight and without any winkles. You can always ask for help from a friend for a better look.
  7. Make precise holes on the ear or use acetone to melt the plastic and push your ears through. The acetone can also be use to melt the edges of the bald cap to make it look more realistic. Be mindful when using acetone because it is strong and can easily irritate the skin.
  8. Get your powder pad and put a little translucent powder that you have, it does not have to be expensive, and apply it around your edges to set set the bald cap in place, this helps to make sure that there is no excess glue around your edges.
  9. Apply grease paint, using a makeup sponge, on the whole, bald cap. Use a color that blends well with your skin. If you are using a latex bald cap, use pax paint and not grease paint to prevent the bald cap from being melted. Apply powder over the first layer of paint.
  10. Get some paint or makeup brushes, your choice, and dip them in an alcohol-activated palette and splutter some of the paint on your bald cap to give it a more realistic look, as we all can tell, our skin has different layers to it and different dimensions. Be patient when applying the paint as this determines how realistic it will look.
  11. Lastly, add a little translucent powder over the makeup, make sure it does not cover up the makeup.

Be assured that at the end of this long process, your bald cap will last the whole entire day, you can sweat in it and it will not come off. A few costume ideas that go extravagantly well with the hairdo include; Gru from Dispicable Me, Aang from Avatar, Voldemort from Harry Potter and many others…and yes, women can also go as men for Halloween.

Hair Accessories

As childlike as this may seem or sound, Halloween is that day of the year that you can dress up and be whoever you want to be. Bring out that you keep inside reflected out by the costume you decide to wear.

A few accessories you can add to your hair just give your look a little touch up include; a witch’s hat in case you want to stop Shrek from marrying the princess, cat ears to bring out your cat woman look, bunny ears to bring us eggs later after Easter. Other accessories are; spider web hairband, bat ears, bloody teeth hair clip, spider hair clips, and many others. These are there to give your hair choice a more defined look to represent your costume


If you feel like you have run out of all options on what to do with your hair, you can always purchase a hair wig. If you already have a wig that is okay too, all you have to do is perfectly style your wig and turn the wig to suit whatever part or role you would to be on Halloween. As with natural hair, you can also add color to wig using the temporary hair dyes.

Different wigs bring out a different character. A few wigs and looks or costumes that fit well are;

Cher wig: if you want to go out looking like one of your favorite celebrities, Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian

Harley Quinn: this wig allows you to look badass. It is an easy-to-identify signature look with ombre pink and blue pigtails. Your eyeshadow should match with your hair.


Cruella Devil: this wig like Harley Quinn, gives you a bad girl type of look. It is a half black half white wig with dark eye shadow to bring out your smoking eyes. You can also add lashes with accessories to finish up the look.


These are a few ideas of what you can do to your wig to make yourself look gorgeous and glamorous for your Halloween party.

Final words

How you will look this Halloween is all up to you. Just do well to pick synthetic hair wigs that make you comfortable. Enjoy that Halloween party and look as gorgeous and scary.