Synthetic wigs

What Kind of Wig Suits You Best?

Wearing the appropriate hairstyle can work wonders on your appearance. Everything is not about makeup, brows, and lashes, although they matter too you need to start paying attention to your wigs.

There are several things to consider when choosing a wig that looks best on you. There is the face shape, skin tone, wigs style, and eye color. Don’t get it wrong, we all look great with what we wear, but at the same time, we need pro tips on some issues.

I would have looked better in my prom dress if I had known what I know now a few years back.

This article is a summarized guide on how to pick the kind of wig to best suit you. Read on to find out more about it!

Types Of Wigs

Based on Nature

  • Human hair wig. They are made from real hair and are easy to handle just like real hair.
  • Synthetic wig. They are made from synthetic fibers and they come already pre-styled.

Cap and capless wigs

  • Cap wigs have a cap-like structure. Their wefts are sewn on this structure in rows with the crown closed.
  • Capless wigs have no cap. Instead, each weft is sewn on an elastic material. They are machine made.

Lace wigs

  • Full lace wigs are made completely in a lace cap. They can be styled differently.
  • Lace front wigs have lace only in front, the rest are caps and they can be very thick. They come in soft front and hard front.

Based on Length

  • Long wigs
  • Short wigs
  • Medium length wigs

Based in Style

  • Bob wig
  • Layered wig
  • Straight wig
  • Shaggy wig
  • Pixie cut
  • Bangs
  • Wavy wigs
  • Curly wigs

Based on Color

  • There is the ombre wig with two contrasting tones in a beautiful blend.
  • There is the colored wig in a single bright color.
  • There is also the colorful wig in different exciting shades.

Choosing Wigs Based on Your Face Type

Oval-shaped Face

Oval-shaped faces go well with any kind of wig length or style. The only thing to be wary about with an oval face is the bang. Heavy or long bang will make your face look smaller if you have this face type

Round-shaped Face

Round faces are full and younger-looking. They can also pull off any hairstyle. Pixie cut, shag look, and layered hair will add length to a round face. You should wear a too short hairstyle you have this face type. You’d end up looking too wide.

Square-shaped Face

This face type has a wide jaw and hairline with strong cheekbones. Straight wigs don’t go well with a square face. It adds more sharpness to your facial features. You should go for styles that soften your facial looks like long layered wigs.

Diamond-shaped Face

Diamond faces are thin at the crown and jaw but have wide cheekbones. A bob hairstyle, medium or long layered wig, straight wigs, wavy wigs, or chopped style wigs will look great on you. Any wig style to reduce your cheekbone width.

Pear-shaped Face

This face shape is accentuated by a narrow forehead and wide jaw. Choose any wig that has a style that adds width to the top side above the jaw. Try a long side-ways bang, blunt bang, or long layered wigs.

Heart-shaped Face

Those with heart-shaped faces have a wide forehead and narrow chin, almost pointed. For this kind of face, choose a wig that will balance out your face geometry and add width to your jaw. Try long wavy wigs or something versatile like a monofilament wig that can be pulled up or backward in natural styles.

Oblong Face

It is a combination of oval and square-shaped faces but longer than the oval face. They have more length than breadth. If you have this face style, you should choose styles that widen your face like curls, bob styles, and long layered hairs to add softness to your face. Dint try wearing a straight wig, you don’t want to end up looking like a wicked stepmother.

Choosing A Wig Based On Your Skin Tone

The perfect wig color should completely complement your face not have you looking like a villain. Picking out your wig based on your skin tone starts from knowing your skin tone (warm, cool, neutral).

Wigs For Warm Skin Tone

Warm skin tones are easy to identify. They have veins appearing as green. This is because if the yellow of the skin mixing with the blue shade of the vein. The best wig color is golden brown chestnut, rich brown, or any of these colors highlighted with red or gold. Talk about ombre wigs in brown and red shades.

Wigs For Cool Skin Tone

If you have your vein looking bluish on your wrist, you are being to this class of skin tone. Wigs suitable for you are either black or blonde wigs. You can also try ombre wigs with silver, honey, or taupe highlights.

Wigs For Neutral Skin Tone

Natural skin-toned people don’t have veins showing on their wrists. Their skin color and vein color are well balanced. Any color wig that goes well on warm undertone and cool undertone will also go well in you.

Choosing A Wig Based In Your Eye Color

You may think it is not important but your eye color speaks volumes about hair color. In the same way, you cannot choose a dress that doesn’t match your eye color, you shouldn’t go for a wig that doesn’t add glow to your eyes.

Chestnut, golden brown and Auburn colored wigs add more life to hazel, green, brown, or blue eyes

If you have grey eyes, dark brown eyes, or dark hazel or dark blue eyes, you should try black, brown, or blonde colored wigs.

Other Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wig


If you have a too tight or too loose wig, you won’t feel comfortable. Before buying a wig, measure the circumference against your head. Start the measurement from the front hairline and end there.


If you are choosing a synthetic wig, you should make sure the fiber is of high quality. There are synthetic wigs with refined fibers that it is difficult to tell it apart from human hair.

Bottom Line

There are seas of wigs in the fashion world that it is so easy to get overwhelmed by their uniqueness. However, choosing the right one that will look best on you and high your face is very important.

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