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Do Women Wear Wig Because Of Baldness?

Wearing wigs is now a trend, especially among women. It started from the ancient Egyptians and became a trend in the 17th century when the king of France Louis XIII wore it to cover his balding. But it was adopted by other royals and aristocrats to make a class distinction.

These days, wigs are worn by all and sundry – regardless of age – that the real reason for wearing it has been lost. So why do women wear wigs? Do they wear it because of baldness? This post contains answers to that question. Read on to find out more!

Major Reasons Why Women Wear Wigs

As costumes

This is a widely known fact. Wigs are worn by actresses to cater to the shortcomings of their hair when it comes to styling it. Sometimes, they are worn to portray their roles better. Not only in the movies. Wigs can also be worn on festive days like Halloween, but it also comes down to playing a figure. Like Appearanz Harley Quinn

For Convenience

On average, women spend up to an hour every day fixing their hair. This can be a real hassle for women with hectic schedules.  For women in this category, wearing wigs will cut down their grooming time by more than half. And honestly, they appreciate how convenient it is to wear one.


For Saving Time And Money

Most women who do not have the leisure of devoting hours in the salon, always opt for wearing a wig to save time. Also, women on a budget save a lot of money on wigs rather than visiting the salon multiple times in a month. There is the advantage of repeating a hairstyle without visiting the salon.

For Fitting Into Different Occasion

Wigs allow room for versatility. There are different wigs for different occasions.  For instance, there are wigs for work, wigs for dinner parties, and wigs for Friday night hangouts. Only a wig can grant such an advantage. It gives women the pleasure and privilege of changing to any particular appearance of their choice at will.

For Concealing Natural Hair Issue

There is no better place to hide hair issues whether major or minor if not under a wig most women know this that is perhaps one of the reasons they wear it. It hides problems such as receding hairline, hair breakage, hair loss, balding, etc. There are several reasons to be blamed for hair issues like poor nutrition, heredity, poor hair practices, sicknesses, etc. But whichever it is, wearing a wig will conceal it.

What Is Baldness?

Baldness in simple terms is the loss of hair from the head. It is of three kinds; anagen effluvium, telogen effluvium, and androgenetic alopecia.

  • Anagen Effluvium is caused by medications, for example, like those used for the treatment of cancer
  • Telogen Effluvium is caused by an increased number of hair follicles reaching the stage where the hair begins to fall out. It is usually due to stress
  • Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common type of baldness, caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It attacks the hair follicle and causes it to fall out and even stop growing.

Causes Of Baldness


Among the various causes of baldness in women, hairstyle is the most widely known. Styles that pull the hair like tight ponytails or braids are common culprits. Also, the use of harsh chemicals for styling the hair can cause baldness.


Baldness in this state occurs when a person is going through emotional stress like severe illness, putting to bed, mourning the death of a close relative. It is closely associated with the ‘telogen effluvium’ type of boldness.

Diet And Medication

Sometimes, a weight loss diet and diet deficient in vitamins can cause hair loss. When you restrict your calorie intake, not only do you cut back on excess calories, you also cut back on essential nutrients like fatty acids, proteins, and zinc which are necessary for hair health.

Old Age

When a woman begins to advance in age, there is a high tendency of that woman to experience baldness. A post made on Healthline says that “women are more likely to start losing their hair once they get into their 40s and 50s and beyond.” We can clearly see here that baldness also comes with old age.

Hair Disease and Infections

Dandruff and ringworm are indeed causes of hair loss, but in more serious cases of baldness, a disease called ‘alopecia aerate can be more likely to be the cause of it. It specifically attacks the follicle that holds the hair in place. It also affects hairs growing on other parts of the body like eyelashes and eyebrows.

Types Of Wigs

Human hair wigs

These kinds of wigs are made from actual human hair. They are more real and are also more expensive. They come in different colors and textures depending on the race and country. They are easily styled and last longer.

Synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs are made from synthetic fibers and are usually less expensive. These days, they are more refined that it is sometimes difficult to tell them apart from human hairs.

Both synthetic and human hair come in several lengths and styles. There is the

  • short wigs, medium length wigs, and long wigs
  • cap and capless wigs
  • lace front and full lace
  • Based on style

There are layered wigs, bangs, straight wigs, curly wigs, etc.


Bottom Line

Want to try a new hairstyle and color without commitment? Wearing a comfy designer wig is definitely the most cost-efficient way! No hassle application, you can just put Appearanz Wigs on and shake and go! Regardless of what your reason for wearing the wig is, Appearanz got you cover.