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Your New Look This Valentine with Sassy Wigs

Valentine’s Days romantic vibes are in the air. Have you thought of what you gonna do with your hair? Your hair can turn an ordinary look into an extraordinary one. They should look as pretty as you are.

When you’re going to meet your heart, don’t fret, if your hair color doesn’t match your outfit or the look you want to flaunt. Synthetic wigs have all exclusive hues and splendid hairstyles to bring out your best looks this valentine. Effortless, quick and, awesome hairdos to catch your loved one’s eyes.

For the love of February, in the treasure hunt of inspiring wigs, we are with you. From APPEARANZ treasure trove we have selected a few gems to adorn your Valentine’s hair looks. A bonus you’ll have is “they will fit the bill” proving a great up-to-date hair look doesn’t have to break the bank.

Romantic date night hair

Ginger Spice | Bright Brown Highlight Long Layered Wavy Synthetic Wig

The winters can never stop you from having a first valentine’s date night. You really feel for him then put on the most seductive hair shades, lavish, luxurious, and lovable. If you seek this triple “L” look in one hairpiece

Escape in the wildness of APPEARANZ exotic hue Ginger Spice.  Stunning highlights are peeping through sassy supreme gingery Balayage hairpiece with truly outlandish waves. Natural skin top parting will never embrace you on your first meeting. 20’ long lengths are movable, flowing, and bouncy to flaunt your looks naturally.


Peach Sorbet | Pink Short Wavy Bob with Bang Synthetic Lace Front Wig

These lovely locks are to die for this Valentine. Cute curly coral bob hair will make you look pretty, innocent, and charming on a special night.  The wavy texture is the perfect crowning glory to set his heart on fire. And the bangs are finishing touch to sweep his attention.

This adorable doll-like hair wig is simply your way to look lovable without visiting a salon this valentine.

A romantic Road Trip                           

Black Pearl | Black Long Layered Synthetic Lace Front Wig

A romantic road trip-worthy look with your guy calls for a sleek, straight full-length black synthetic wig. APPEARANZ Black Pearl’s long layered wig is inspired by rarely found Black Pearl. Natural-looking adjustable lace front has 31” long hair. Imagine how seductive they would look when flowing in the air touching his face.

The high-quality fiber feels so real when running your fingers through silky straight tresses. You can style it your way as they are heat-proof.


Club night outs

Mirkwood | Green with Dark Root Long Synthetic Lace Front Wig

You will definitely make some high buzz memories when cheering up in a dance club fun night. The zaniest most unique hair hue you can rock this Valentine is APPEARANZ Mirkwood green synthetic wig with dark roots.

For a perfect girl’s night out slay away all worries wearing this exclusive shade. Whether you step into a club or get your feet on the dance floor your distinctive hair color will get all the attention. Long 24” lengths, lace front free parting, with lovely wavy hair will rock with you on the dance floor.


Phoenix | Crimson Red Bob Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Express yourself through a vibrant Crimson Red Bob Lace Front wig. This transition from your natural hair to a tangy hue will be a pleasant surprise for all your mates out at the club. Sparkling lights, loud sounds will match your loud shoulder cut tresses.

You’ll get a striking vivid red color, a chic short haircut without touching natural hair. With movable parting and heat-friendly strands, it has styling versatility.


Valentine l Crimson Red Long Straight Lace Front Wig

Another variation of this awesome hue is Valentine Crimson Red Long straight Lace front wig. 30” long hair weaves are great to create sultry, seductive, sassy looks. This bold and beautiful color will surely steal his heart away. Pair it with an open-back dress for gorgeous, fun flirt looks.


Valentine Wine & Dine Date

Thunder Cloud | Stormy Gray Long Wavy Synthetic Wig

You both might love a cozy, calm wine-&-dine theme. For such a sophisticated romantic candlelight meeting, indoor or outdoor, you would need a splendid outfit with a graceful yet charming hairdo to grab the attention while enjoying all the delicacies settled on the table.

We suggest looking put-together and composed for this auspicious wine-& dine date. Wear Thunder Cloud | Stormy Gray Long Wavy Synthetic wig as you deserve to look like the queen of your Valentine.

20” long wavy hard front wig is heat-friendly to create various hairdos. Captivating thunder cloud grey color looks royal in braids, half-clipped hairdos, and strategic twists with complimentary floral hair accessories.

The soft waves will look amazing if you bind some wefts at the back of your head strategically creating a lace frill style. Complete this statement hairdo with a few pearl-studded accessories.


Recreate a Valentine moment you first met

Chocolate Kisses | Chocolate Brown Long Layered Synthetic Lace Front Wig

A new wig is not just a wig, it’s a new hairstyle, a new you. Valentine’s Day is not just about new couples getting together to know each other. It’s a day to recommence year’s long love with your spouse. He deserves a new enthusiastic show of love and gratitude for year’s long partnership.

Take a trip down memory lane recreate a Valentine Date. Get ready by wearing a masterpiece hair wig

Chocolate Kisses long layered lace front wig will make you a brunette bombshell effortlessly. Lush, long brown locks are heat friendly, so curl them, make beech waves, keep it dead straight, or define some loose curls to recreate your first meeting hairstyle. Its 28” long so you have plenty of options to work playfully on them.


Take Away

Whether you are spending a romantic day with your love, family, or friends. A trendy hair color synthetic wig with a chic hairstyle will be enough to raise your confidence and match your looks with the special occasion vibes. APPEARANZ has a whole lot of colors, lengths, and styles of wigs for every taste and proclivity. Especially the hot happening inspiring synthetic wigs for aromatic love Day. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAYS GIRLS… love and be loved always.