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Trendiest Hair Colors You Can Find in Wigs

Hair colors are the true game changer when you want to revamp your personality and looks. You might fret experimenting with chemical colors on your natural hair, or want a quick switch from one color to another. In both cases, wigs are your solace and reset button to attain great hair color results.

COVID-9 staying at home has made people stay on natural hair colors, as it was difficult to achieve various hair coloring results at home. With synthetic wigs, the most desirable hair color was possible to achieve, without stepping out of the home. The wig trend is still in when we are back in the outer world. An array of colors and trendiest hair fashion, full one color, highlights, low lights, Balayage, and Ombre wigs, are all there to raise your hair game.


One-color wigs

The New Year has just started and you might have adopted a winter hue for hair. To revamp hair look in springs choose a refreshing synthetic hair wig in the trendiest color.

As the experts predict 2022 will be a blend of some natural hues, black, brunette, blonde and red with different variations and tones peeping through. For example, black will be not just black, you can expect a black with a hint of brown, blues, lilac, burgundy, or green.

In some light blonde will look blonde but in another, it will turn platinum honey blonde or copper tone.  Chocolate brown may have a hint of sparkling cherry red peeping out.

Such shades are perfect for girls wanted to look natural and trendy at the same time. So make up your mind to get one chic wig to look absolutely gorgeous this season.

Double process color in wigs

Double process hair is the secret of many celebrity hairs looks. This technique is hitting the top slot on charts but comes with a heavy price, both on pocket and hair.

Double-process is used to make dark hair completely lighter. The process starts with bleaching out natural hair to cut down the dark shade. Then the desired lighter tone is applied. It can wreak havoc on natural hair. Double-colored hair demands extra care to avoid damage.

You don’t need to go for a complete color change. Enjoy a tone-on-tone look without chemical exposure by choosing a wig.

If you are craving a dramatic hair makeover this year, go for platinum blonde, Rihanna’s purple, mermaid blue, or some exotic vibrant colors in synthetic hair wigs.

Highlighted hair wigs

Highlights are not fading away girls, they are still reigning supreme in the hair world. Synthetic hair wigs have all the diversity you can expect in highlights.

Wigs have the same techniques used on natural hair. Like natural hair, they have traditional streaks one or two shades darker or lighter from the base color, well blended and prominent streaks, you can find both in wigs. There are different shades from natural to vibrant according to your skin tone.

A trending highlight hair look in 2022 is playground highlights. The hair looks naturally turned two-toned lighter under the sun. Don’t take a sunbath, just buy a wig and get the childhood hair back.

Low Lights wigs

Beyond your expectations, lowlights are going to rule again. They have always been liked for sophisticated, soft looks. Synthetic hair wigs with low lights have almost all colors for young to old.

Balayage wigs

Many hair color trends come and go before you decide and get an appointment for a hair makeover. Balayage is one of those, it’s a freehand painting-like technique, creating a holo of light brightening up the base color amazingly. Without using foils a softer blend of colors is made that looks fabulous.

You need to wait for several hours in the waiting lounge and a few more to get the process done. Balayage wigs are made for you to get-set-go wearing the newest Balayage trend.

In hair wigs, it’s the most versatile technique as you can get subtle blends to bold bright-colored wigs as per your choice.

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Ombre Wigs

To experience hair coloring in all its glory, the Ombre is the color to go in 2022. It’s an extravagant hair shading art. In this technique, darker hair color from roots gradually melts down into lighter, brighter colors toward the ends. Usually, the sun kissed change starts from the mid-lengths.

Wig stylists know the fashion pulse so they have introduced the most up-dated, glamorous-looking Ombre wigs to look absolutely stunning in a few minutes.

From straight to wavy. Short to long every hair length and texture is readily available to flaunt your looks.

You have wigs dipped in vivid colors, impactful well-blended base colors, vibrant tones, and any imaginable color combo.


Reverse Ombre

Ombre was a true hit in the past year. Social media was overloaded with Ombre cult. The stylists were not ready to stick to one trend and introduced the reverse Ombre. As the name suggests, the traditional Ombre technique was flipped. The hair color starts lighter from the roots transiting into darker color towards the lengths of hair. Usually, reverse Ombre has neutral shades like platinum, silver, blonde, grays at the roots. The colors below are more vibrant and eye-catching to grab attention

Another take on this trend is the changing hues of one shade from roots to tips, it looks absolutely stunning when one color gradually transit from its lighter tones to the darker side.

Hurry up girls, Ombre is reversing in wigs too. This year like Ombre, reverse Ombre is the shade of synthetic hair wigs.

This bright and fun combination wig trend is a must-try for all bubbly fun loving girls. The style offers you various fun hairdos from ponytails to braids, the shades pop out beautifully when tied in braids.

APPEARANZ has introduced every trending vibrant color to grab attention. Lovely straight, double-colored synthetic wigs, colorful synthetic wigs with bangs, Ombre wigs, Balayage, you name a color and it’s there in APPEARANZ wig treasure chest.


Take Away

2022 hair coloring scene is a blend of every hue and technique. The wig stylists being conscious of this versatility this year have introduced all possible hair coloring techniques and hues in synthetic hair wigs.  From vibrant red to two-toned rich hair looks you have countless options to rock your hairstyle effortlessly.