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Different Types of Wigs: Which One is Most Popular?

Wigs have been in use since ancient times. The most popular wig wearers were the Egyptians who wore it as a shield against the sun. Wigs were made of human hair, sheep’s wool, and palm leaf fiber in those times. Similarly, Romans, Greeks, Assyrians, and the Phoenicians civilizations wore them as a status symbol.

Time changed and wigs became necessary to hide the baldness of the royal league and aristocrats of society. It gained popularity to flaunt wealth and indicate class and professions. The material changed in 1700-1800 when they were made of goat, horse, and human hair.

This interesting wig journey revolutionized in the 20th century when it became a fashion statement. With human hair and synthetic hair wigs. Unbelievably natural-looking wigs have changed the old wig concept.

Now we have different wig weaving methods, various color ranges, haircuts, hairstyles. The sky is the limit when you look at wig versatility nowadays.


Different types of wigs

When we classify wigs there are two basic parameters;

  • The wig material
  • Construction of cap

We will cover the basic subcategories of both as an introduction to basic wig types.

The Wig Material

You’ve just read the wig material evolution from human hair to animal hair. Both materials are still in use but the technology is very advanced. Another super realistic development is the mane-made artificial fiber that exactly mimics human hair. We have two materials prevailing in today’s wigs

  • Human hair wigs
  • Synthetic hair wigs

Human Hair Wigs

As the name suggests these wigs are made of real human hair. They are the most natural-looking hair weaves and last longer. Human hair wigs have three categories

  • Remy Human Hair Wigs
  • Human Hair Wigs
  • Virgin Human hair

Remy Human Hair Wigs

Remy human hair is the highest quality, most expensive, and the best wigs overall. Every hair strand has the root and tip in the same direction. This aligned cuticle layer makes hair smooth, shinier, and prevents tangling.

Remy human hair is just like real hair, you can curl, straighten, cut, style, and dye them like real hair. That is what you pay for.

Human hair Wigs

They give the most realistic look and feel along with styling versatility. They can be dyed, trim, styled the way you want. Human hair wigs are available in every possible natural hair texture, straight, wavy, curled, afro curled. Human hair wigs are more long-lasting and recommended for daily wear

Virgin Human Hair

Another variation in human hair is virgin hair wigs. These hair are donated by a single donor. They had never been dyed bleached, or permed. Virgin hair is like Remy’s hair but all Remy hair wigs are not virgin.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

Synthetic hair wigs are the epitome of fashion and convenience. They are the most popular for their cost-effectiveness and ease of use. They are made of special acrylic or PBC fibers that give the feel and look of real hair. These wigs are not expensive and require less maintenance. They are pre-styled that’s why are ready to wear straight from the packaging.

Like human hair, they have all the textures, haircuts, and hairstyles. As compared to human wigs they are less durable and limit styling.

Heat-friendly synthetic wigs can be styled but styling is more challenging than real hair.


Construction of Cap

Wig construction is the method of weaving a wig unit. Wigs are constructed on a cape with front closure or lace closure. The construction can be machine wefted or hand sewed. Lace closure and hand sewed give a very natural feel and hairline.

Weaving methods

  • Hand sewed wigs

Hand-tied wigs are made from both synthetic and real hair. Each strand of hair is hand-knotted onto a mesh cape. The strategic placement allows each hair to move freely, look real, and style in any direction. hand-tied wigs are comfortable as no seam or weft is there.

Hand sewed wigs are perfect for people who have lost hair completely. The weaving is soft and lightweight. The low density of hair makes it look more natural and well-ventilated.

  • Machine-made Wigs

As the name says, they are made on machines with sew-in hair. Real or synthetic hair wefts are sewed on a cape along with hair tracks. This method is quick and not labor-intensive so the wigs cost less than hand-made wigs.

  • Combo-wigs

The latest wig weaving is a combo of both, hand and machine weaving. Some brands offer monofilament wigs with back and sides made on machines and the finishing touch is a hand-tied top. This makes the wig more realistic and affordable.

Different Cape Types

  • Wefted or cape less wigs

Open-cape, cape less or wefted wigs are not weaved on a mesh cape instead wefts of human or synthetic hair are stitched with the machine on elastic strips in a circular pattern forming a cape-like shape. These wigs are most popular as they are cooler, lightweight, and affordable.

  • Full cape wig

They have a complete head cape-like base made of elasticized mesh. They are handmade, adjustable, and suitable for people with no hair.

  • Monofilament wigs

Monofilament wigs have very thin micro mesh capes made of nylon or polyester. Each strand is weaved by hand and the mesh looks like skin. The hair can be parted and brushed just like real hair

Wig Lace

  • Full Lace wigs

These wigs are made on full capes with lace on all sides with urethane strips with adhesive to stick to. For regular use and realistic look full lace wigs are just right. They are a bit expensive but last longer.

  • Frontal Lace

They have lace only on the front of wigs. The rest of the cape may have clips to ensure a hold when you wear it. Since the lace is in front you can freely part the wig at any side.

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Take Away

The wigs today are much modified. From human hair to synthetic hair wigs we have dozens of types of wigs. Some basic wig variations are explained but wig manufacturing has a lot more to offer. Every possible texture, color, hairstyle is there to boost up your hair looks. Do some research before purchase or consult an expert for personalized suggestions. You can even get a customized piece to create a look you longed for.