Synthetic wigs

An Introduction to Monofilament Wigs

We’ve got enormous advancement in the wig industry. Every coming day is taking wig-wearing to new hypes. Wigs are not just a hair loss solution, they are a trending fashion accessory. When you first start looking for a wig, a little intriguing attitude is good. Some efforts to understand wig basics enable you to own a perfect piece that makes you feel fresh, comforted, and fabulous.

In wig construction, one word you often came across is monofilament wigs, or monofilament tops, or mono top wigs. You probably don’t know what exactly this feature is. To help you out, we have covered some aspects of this wig construction here. The intro to mono tops will assuredly help you find a wig that suits your needs and offers you comfort with a great-looking appearance.


What is a Monofilament Wig?

Monofilament wigs are high-end, natural-looking, expensive wigs. Monofilament refers to wig caps and fiber weaving methods. The wig caps are made of a very fine quality thin nylon-like fabric called monofilament.

The other distinct feature is the hair weaving approach, in traditional or standard wigs several wefts are sewn mechanically to create a base. These rows have gaps between them. In mono tops, strands are attached manually to the mesh. The hair fibers are hand-knotted one by one or a few strands at a time into the thin fabric. The hand-knotted strands emulate natural hair coming out of the scalp.

Hand-made construction means increased time and cost for the manufacturer so the quality and price both are higher for the consumers.

Variety in Monofilament wigs

Versatility is the key feature of this wig type. They are liked for their all-around performance.

You have options to choose from human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs with the same construction, of course, the material will come with its distinctive qualities.


Different types of wig bases

Another interesting advantage is not all monofilament wigs are made entirely of the same fiber.

Double Monofilament

A double monofilament base has a second layer of micro-mesh attached to the base layer. This is to protect the scalp from the friction created by hand-knotting. Double layer means double comfort level and these wigs are considered super luxury wigs.

Combo wigs

They have another double treat! Some of the monofilament wigs are a combo of standard wefted wigs and mono-fabric. In these wigs, the top, crown, and edges of the frontal hairline are created with monofilament and the sides and back of the wigs are constructed with machine wefted rows. Many high-quality wigs use this technique to provide natural looks with comfort and affordable price.

Monofilament parts

These wigs have standard construction on the entire wig except in the areas where it is parted. The core purpose is executing a natural-looking part and the additional benefit is a very low cost of the wig. One disadvantage it may have is you cannot part it anywhere else.

Lace front with mono tops

Some monofilament wigs have an added feature of frontal lace. They have a sheer lace in the front portion with baby hair sewn into the thin lace. This helps to create an illusion of a natural hairline growing out of the scalp.


Because each hair is sewn manually the wigs have movement and flexibility to adjust in many styles. Monofilament wigs styles can be altered simply by brushing, part location can be changed easily as the entire scalp is visible through micro-mesh. You have the styling freedom to make ponytails, buns, braids, and various hairstyles. Commonly most monofilament wigs are sewn on the top so you have the option to buy a wig with bangs.

Many hairstyles don’t require monofilament technology so you can rely on partial monofilament construction and save money with stunning looks.


Pros of monofilament wig

Let’s know some pros and cons of these modern wigs.

Durability and flexibility

Regardless of material, synthetic hair wigs, or human hair wigs, the hand-knotted monofilament wigs are very flexible and possess free-flowing movement. The hair fiber attachment is more durable and less likely to slide out of the base or break easily.


You are paying extra for natural looks, always remember when buying mono tops. As mentioned earlier, the sheer mesh makes hair look growing out of the scalp resulting in a more realistic appearance whether you choose a full or partial mono top.

Extra comfort

The soft fabric base and double mono bases are cozy and convenient for people with sensitive scalps or suffering from complete hair loss due to chemo.


Mono tops weigh lighter than the standard cap wigs owing to less hair and lightweight wig material. This makes them quite an airy option that stays cool and complacent.

Cons of the mono tops

Expensive deal

Monofilaments are an expensive hair deal, no doubt. The making process is very demanding and gives rise to price. A full mono top wig takes 40 hours approximately to make manually, this labor-intensive, highly skill full task deserves some appreciation.

To deal with the price tag, you can choose between partial mono tops, monofilament parts, and synthetic hair wigs with monofilament, for short hair go for a monofilament crown wig.

Less fullness

People who desire fuller heavy, bouncy hair looks may not like the lighter volume hair look of mono tops. They suit people who like flat, lighter hairstyles.

A great option to look natural effortlessly is APPEARANZ synthetic hair wigs, uniquely designed for you. With skin tops the base material blends in with your natural scalp complexion and gives a natural look. This epic style is great for extra durability, and affordability accompanied by natural-looking hair. What else one can wish for, Buy one now and rest assured you will shop again for the supreme quality.


Take Away

Monofilament wigs are expensive for their supreme construction and feel. It matters on your preference now, what look do you want to achieve?  they have plenty of options to go with. If you are planning to save the bills, buy combo synthetic hair wigs, and if you have some extra bucks on the budget rock the full mono top. Set for a luxurious piece for occasional use, and for daily use try a less expensive one.