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Why Wigs are A Good Option to Forget Hair Transplant

Hair loss has become a common problem among men and women of all ages. Many hair loss patients resolve to go through a transplant surgery but alas! it’s not possible for everyone out there. Several drawbacks make it not so ideal for many. Wigs are a Godsend gift (although made by man) for such poor sufferers. This incredible invention not only disguises hair thinning and baldness but elevates hair looks to the top.

If a hair loss patient is disappointed, we have put together sloid reasons why wigs are a good option to forget hair transplants. Wigs are harmless and can be worn by anyone and the rest of the reasons are explained below.


Wigs are for everyone

That’s the biggest reason why wigs are so popular. Although a hair transplant is not a very complicated surgery and can yield amazing results, not everyone is the best candidate for it. People with chronic health issues, such as hemophilia, bloodborne illness, liver disorders, and heart diseases can not undergo surgery. Similarly, people born with no hair or reactive to anesthesia have wigs as safe options.

The latest wig construction technology and materials are designed to serve the most sensitive skins. Even cancer patients suffering from hair loss due to chemo, or radiotherapy have countless options and customized wigs.

The best way to cover Female Pattern Baldness

Female pattern baldness is an overall thinning of scalp hair. In most cases, It’s hard to cover FPB with hair transplantation as the scalp lacks healthy donor hair follicles and there is no specific area to work on. People suffering from FPB try different hairstyles or cut their hair short to make them look thicker and fuller. Hair toppers are great to help them to get a healthy hair appearance. Hairpieces or extensions are used to add volume to light hairs, or full head synthetic hair wigs restore the lost hair glory.

A solution to temporary hair loss conditions

Sometimes men and women suffer temporary hair loss conditions. They may cause due to hormonal changes, traumatic events, emotional shock, stress, or a temporary illness. The attack is so severe that people have to live with it for months. Such situations call for non-invasive solutions rather than splurging on surgical treatments. During the hair regrowth treatment, which can take months depending on the type and reason of hair loss, wigs can camouflage baldness or hair thinning and additionally give a modish fresh hair look.


Restore youthfulness

When we look at the hair loss statistics worldwide, a huge percentage of young lot below 25 are experiencing hair loss for varying reasons. Losing hair at such a youthful time is depressing and traumatic.  It has a severe impact on appearance and self-esteem.  Young fellows years for getting back their prized locks.

For various medical reasons, ‘young men and women below 25 are not considered the best candidates for hair restorative surgery’ as dermatologists recommend. A dermatologist explains young fellows should understand, that as their hair loss is progressive, it’s hard to determine what pattern of baldness one is going through. At this blooming age wigs and hairpieces is a sigh of relief. The recent trending modern wig adds an edge of style to their looks and helps boost self-esteem.

Inexpensive in comparison

Hair transplants are a one-time job but quite expensive. Roughly, an experienced surgeon can charge $ 4000 to $1500 depending on the extent of hair loss and type of surgery. Yes! they are for a lifetime but with no guaranteed results.

Adaptin wig wearing is ideal if a person is not suitable for a hair transplant or can not afford the expense. A human hair wig costs around $400-$1000. They are long-lasting and more natural-looking. But the synthetic hair wigs are the true game-changer, with extraordinary natural-looking hair, they have countless colors and hairstyling options for every head size, for just $80-$ 200.

No chances of infections and complications

Like all surgical treatments hair transplant carries the risk of several after-surgery complications and medicinal side effects. We agree modern-day treatments are very safe still there are possibilities of complexities.

Wigs give the green light to go ahead and have risk-free pleasures of gorgeous-looking traces. No worries, no tension if a healthy upkeep routine is followed. Wigs will improve your looks and confidence tenfolds.

Instant results

Unlike a hair transplant, you don’t have to wait for a year for regrowth. The moment you buy a hairpiece, or synthetic hair wig! be ready to rock fuller, fabulous hair. You don’t have to wear hats, scarves, stay on medicines, just juvenile flowing hair to style your favorite way.

Greater hair coverage

Hair transplants have limitations. You cant estimate how successful your surgery would be nor your physician. Patients may have limited, healthy donor hair, and regrowth is not predictable at all. Other than that transplantation is restricted to certain areas, not on the full head, the hair loss may proceed in other parts of the scalp which means emptiness on the scalp.

Wigs are saviors, they resolve the coverage issue once and for all. They don’t rely on natural hair growth and provide a chance to have a head full of hair, a denser hairline, and a trendy haircut.

Switching style

Hair transplant result consistency completely depends on your biological conditions. They will grow as your body permits. You’d have to follow your natural growth, nothing beyond that.

In the case of wigs, you can take full charge of your style destinations. Any length, texture, or hairstyle that suits your personality is achievable. With one piece of hair, you have the liberty to change plenty of styles, straighten it, curl it, cut it, or dye it.  Modern wigs are too advanced and you can expect to handle them like your natural hair.

Extremely Convenient

No need for any assistance with a wig. Put it in place yourself and at night take off just in a minute. However, like natural hair, they require maintenance and upkeep. Nothing to worry about again, for the magnificent hair looks, they deserve some pampering.

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Take Away

So you have got enough encouragement to wear wigs and forget the idea of hair transplant surgery. Now read the synthetic wigs reviews and select the best suitable wig for you. You are still confused? Consult a wig specialist or your dermatologist for wig concerns and expert advice, You will surely reach your gorgeous hair goals successfully without surgery.