Synthetic wigs

Wigs For Halloween

Experimenting with new vibrant hair colors is one great idea for Halloween. Wigs are the easiest way to revitalize your hairdos. Whether you are looking for a scary Halloween costume or a sweet, nice outlook this season, wigs can only spin your creative look this year.

The festive season demands perpetually switching up your style and looks. Wigs are one awesome way to reinvent your Halloweens looks. They can instantly make you look trendy, stylized, funky, and scary, you wish a look and the wigs accelerate the game-high up. At APPEARANZ we have a wide range of exclusive, colorful synthetic hair wigs to celebrate the fun and festive season of Halloween. Choose an exciting color and style from our wigs and inspire all.

Camille | Black Synthetic Hard Front Wig

Camille Black is a perfect wig for Halloween; the blond front and jet black back hair are superb to incorporate a cheetah or leopard look. The double-shaded wig will take your costume from basic to beautiful. The exaggerated cat eyeliner, jet black spots around the mouth, dark-spotted nose, long whiskers, and some dark brown spots near the temple, wearing the double shade Camille will leave you with a smooth, flawless leopard look to please your friends and family.

APPEARANZ Camille’s black synthetic wig has choppy blond bangs that will look absolutely stunning with a leopard face. Adorn your lashes with a wispy pair of false eyelashes from APPEARANZ false eyelashes range. To create a smearing cat-eye look with your exclusive costume.


Cruella | Half Black Half Silver Synthetic Hard Front Wig

Black and while is one spooky and chic color favorite of all the times. APPEARANZ Cruella half black half silver is one wig that can be used to create dozens of Halloween characters. . The black and silver straight bold bangs divided into two colors will go with any black and white Halloween look this season. Skeleton, chessboard, skull, black cat, all black with small horns and a crow on the flagpole, dancing twins’ emoji black costume and a lot more.

  • Skeleton face with black and silver wig
  • It’s scary and creative at the same time. With a few makeup products, you can easily create a face or full face skeleton. Adding a silver& black hair wig will intricate the look.
  • Full black or full white costume, some interesting black and white face paint, and red lips would make a nice grayscale Halloweens look, adding a black & silver wig will uplift the look completely.
  • Black- cat look


A simple low-maintenance black cat looks with a Cruella black & silver wig is absolutely fantastic makeover for Halloween. Just black eyeliner to create a black nose, whiskers, and flicked cat eyeliner, and you are ready to go.

Harley | Blue & Pink Hard Front Synthetic Wig

This is one crazy, fun-looking synthetic wig for captivating Halloweens Harley Quinn,s Suicide Squad character. With a delicate chiffon dress, combat boots, wear this center-parted, two long pigtails, one red and one blue. Color one eye red and the other blue, blooded mouth with dark eyeliner around the eyes. You would look stunning with this amazing contradictory character look. After Halloween, this is one exciting hair wig you can wear at club parties, night outs with colorful outfits, and bold makeup. For cosplay characters and fun events, the beautiful blue and red are a great combination to go with many-colored costumes.

  • A doll look

Red, blue and blond colors will go very well with a bubbly doll look on Halloween. Try short red, blue, or white doll-like frocks with high colorful heels. Don’t forget to portray big, vivid eye makeup to highlight a doll-like look with dark flattering doll-eyes false eyelashes.

harley-blue-pink-bunches-long-wavy-synthetic-wig-harley-quinzel (1)

Cherry Crown | Black Synthetic Hard Front Wig

The exclusive cheery crown wig will get the wheels in your mind turning. Give yourself a mind-blowing current by creating the hot and happening red-haired look on this Halloween. There are a lot of red-headed inspirations to go ahead in this festive season.

  • For creative E-girl aesthetics, don’t hesitate to wear these cherry red bold bangs framing your face with jet black back cuts to add extra drama to your looks.
  • Create exciting anime, cartoon character look on Halloween with this bold chunky haircut and red hot front.
  • A very inspiring look would be a union jack dress; red platform boots with the cherry crown wig, the bold red front red bangs would add a hot ravishing frame to your face.
  • Dramatic black lips, dark heavy eyeliner, thick, fluffy, volume fake eyelashes, with cherry crown wig would be a hallmark look on Halloween. Add some inspiring heavy silver ornaments to the ears and neck to complete the look.


Twilight Sparkle | Purple Synthetic Hard Front Wig

Reinvent the purple color with Twilight sparkle Purple synthetic hard front wig By Appearanz. Aside from this punchy purple, stylize your look with the neon pink outfit, or vibrant pink to take things up for an extra notch.

  • The middle length of the wig gives you the liberty to restyle hair according to your choice. The touch of black on the bottoms of the hair makes it wearable on several occasions with ease and comfort. Frontal bangs are nicely cut; flipping up hair will reveal the wig’s layers and angles beautifully.
  • The color is extremely beautiful that you can wear it even on routine night functions, and on many festive occasions, small friendly parties and cosplay too.


Oceana | Blue Synthetic Hard Front Wig

If you are feeling a little blue in your heart. Give yourself a dazzling, tropical, beech feeling by wearing Oceana Blue synthetic hard front wig. The wavy lengths add super seductive, textured, beachy vibes that are irresistible. The deep cobalt blue fades into soft blue turquoise to create smart, stylish shade waves.

Bring your joy inside out; wear the trendy blue wavy wig with a vibrant yellow outfit and funky jewelry. Makeup your face with lovely blues, pinks, and green and look like a colorful ice-lolly. Adorn your eyes with APPEARANZ colorful false eyelashes to add more colors to your getup.


Red Velvet | Half Red Half Blonde Long Straight Synthetic Wig

Make your mark with a red and blond combo with our stunning red velvet synthetic wig. The versatile wig will transform your look for Halloween, cosplays, and for every day goes. You can stylize this heat-friendly wig your way with approx. 18-inch length.


The Final word

Instead of playing with your natural hair. Try multicolored wigs from APPEARANZ and save your hair from the stress and pressure of dying and styling. The affordable wigs will not only save your time and money, but they will also be a good add-on to your hair collections for several occasions.